Q and the Mandela Effect
The Significant Events of This Moment in Human History

20 June 2020

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Understanding the Mandela Effect
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Understanding Q, Q+, and Qanon
The Owl god: Molech / Moloch / Ba'al
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Donald J Trump & The Prophetic Times

Daniel 7:25 (in the unaltered King James bible) states:
"And he shall speak great words against the Most High, and shall vex the
people of the Most High, and think to change times and laws; and they shall be
given into his hand until a time, and times, and the dividing of time."

It will be (and is even now) BIBLICAL !!!

This is a central point of reference for our time, specifically from the year 2020 forward. The topics here are relevant, complicated, and prophetic in nature. For the uninitiated, it will be "mind blowing". I know that phrase is so often overused, since what most people preface with the phrase ends up as mundane, but not this time.

"Mind Blowing" -- Understanding the Mandela Effect
Here we will be examining the strange circumstances of our day, things that just don't seem right to many people, and why those things are as they are. For this moment is about humanity's future, and the reliability of our collective memory of the past.

Why is it mind blowing?

Why will it be BIBLICAL?

Buckle up.

He thinks "to change times and laws"
The passage above from Daniel 7:25 has never been understood throughout human history until now. Now it all makes sense. Satan knows that people are TOO LAZY to to discover the truth. But for the "Bereans" among mankind, here is the truth.

CERN is actually an abbreviation of "Cernunnos". Click here for why that is important. Yes, the facility is named after the horned goat god of the underworld, and it is actually built on top of an ancient temple believed to be directly above the shaft leading to the abyss, from which will emerge Abaddon (in Hebrew) who is called Apollyon (in Greek) as noted in Revelation 9:11.

The satanic "scientists" are attempting to pierce the veil to allow their gods to arise from the abyss into which they were cast by YAHWEH. Remember Daniel 7:25. They have succeeded, as was prophesied, thus on 11/3/2014, they were "HAPPY" and posted their video.

CERN "Happy" video from 2014

FULL ANALYSIS of CERN "Happy" video, Gotthard Tunnel, etc.

Symbology and details have ALWAYS mattered. Remember the old adage: The DEVIL is in the details!

Unsure about Sally Fields or Sally Field? Here you go, in the first few moments of the interview: YouTube


Understanding Q, Q+, and Qanon
The Qanon phenomenon is subject to significant ridicule by the "mainstream" purveyors of lies.
For this reason, the notion of the "RED PILL" (from the movie The Matrix) is employed (see at right).





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