A Prophecy is Being Fulfilled Now

 The DEVIL is in the details !!!

Daniel 7:25 (in the original unaltered KJV bible) states: "And he shall
speak great words against the Most High, and shall vex the people of
the Most High, and think to change times and laws; and they shall be
given into his hand until a time, and times, and the dividing of time."

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What is CERN?

Their website states: "At an intergovernmental meeting of UNESCO in Paris in December 1951, the first resolution concerning the establishment of a European Council for Nuclear Research was adopted. Two months later, 11 countries signed an agreement establishing the provisional council – the acronym CERN was born." (see their website).

Yet is that the reason for their acronym? Consider the location and the historical significance of both the location and the name.

Lets first consider what exactly is CERN. CERN is actually an abbreviation of "Cernunnos". Click here for why that is important. Yes, the facility is named after the horned goat god of the underworld, and it is actually built on top of an ancient temple where a thousand years ago pagans worshipped dark spirits. This site was believed by the ancient pagans to be directly above the shaft leading to the abyss, from which will emerge Abaddon (in Hebrew) who is called Apollyon (in Greek) as noted in Revelation 9:11.

Now, what exactly is the purpose of CERN? The facility is designed to search for the particles that spawned our universe and to learn even more about the laws of physics, how to change or modify them, the potential energies hidden from us in the universe, etc. CERN is looking for "dark matter" and "dark energy" (this is a direct quote of one of the scientists, as can be seen in the analysis video specifically beginning at the 1 hour and 10 minute mark).

So CERN is colliding protons to release bursts of power in an effort to pierce "space/time", that is, create micro-singularities (tiny black holes) and tap into them.

Why? Curiosity? Scientific research? And for what purpose?

So what we have is a site built on top of a pagan worship site, named after the "god" those pagans worshipped, and attempting to technologically pierce space/time to access "dark matter" and "dark energy".

What does all of that mean?

In 2014, the scientific team administering the CERN large Hadron (super) Collider in Switzerland posted a video on their own YouTube channel, in celebration of their success. They called it their "Happy" video.

So, it is natural to ask, "Why are they happy?"

The DEVIL is in the details !!!

They are happy because they succeeded. They found the piece of the puzzle!

These are satanic "scientists" -- purveyors of a hybrid "science and witchcraft" -- and they are performing rituals not at all dissimilar to witchcraft spells and are attempting to pierce the veil of space and time. The CERN supercollider is a HUGE circle, just like a witchcraft ceremony which begins by drawing a circle for the conjuring ritual.

What is CERN conjuring? Using technology and "spells", the Satanists at CERN perform a hybridized scientific ritual to conjure up their gods to arise from the abyss into which they were cast by YAHWEH. Remember Daniel 7:25. They have succeeded, as was prophesied, thus on 11/3/2014, they were "HAPPY" and posted their video.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Who was the first James Bond? In the photo above, a screen grab from the "Happy" video, the guy in the office is wearing two placards. The first says "BOND#1" and the second says "MANDELA". The first James Bond was Barry Nelson (click here) and so we have the combined placards stating "Nelson Mandela" -- the very man for whom the "Mandela Effect" is named.

So they are "HAPPY" and published their cryptic, symbol-filled music video.

 CERN knows they are responsible for 
 the "Mandela Effect" because they 
 succeeded in changing "times" (history) 
 as was prophesied in Daniel 7:25. 

CERN published a 3.5 minute celebration video
The 3 minute CERN "Happy" video from 2014, filled with coded images

FULL ANALYSIS: CERN video & other related material
Here is a FULL ANALYSIS of CERN "Happy" video, the Gotthard Tunnel, etc.

Symbology and details have ALWAYS mattered. Remember the old adage: The DEVIL is in the details!

  CERN tells us this is an "American Horror Story" (click here) 

There is also a tie in to "The Days of Noah" (Click Here)


Something was left out of the ANALYSIS VIDEO that I believe is important, and that is this: WHO ARE THE TWO PLAYERS? Look at this next screen capture...

Player 1 is CERN and Player 2 is YAHWEH. Why does Player 2 have 9 points while Player 1 has 4,664 points (as of that video's publication)? Because, even though God has given Satan the power "to change times and laws", there are certain things God will not allow.

Like what? Well, suppose CERN tried to delete Jesus Christ from history. Suppose CERN tried to delete Abraham or Moses or Noah from history. Suppose CERN tried to keep the Egyptian army from dying in the Red Sea.

You see, even though God foretold in Daniel 7:25 that Satan would be given such power for a time, times, and the dividing of time, God will not allow the primary message and the overall mechanism of redemption to be changed.

God will allow Satan to pervert the message of Christ and deceive many, but God will not allow Satan to remove redemption.


Also, another thing overlooked by the ANALYSIS VIDEO is this screen capture which shows them celebrating through a vineyard.

CERN is celebrating because CERN believes it now controls the vineyard of the Lord.

The most famous use of the vineyard symbolism in the Old Testament appears in Isaiah 5, where we are told, “The vineyard of the Lord of hosts is the house of Israel.” In his “song” of the vineyard, Isaiah recalls the careful and loving treatment that the owner (God) gave to his vineyard (Israel).

Now CERN believes it can trollop through the vineyard of the Lord at will. Therefore, CERN is "HAPPY".

Why did I write "original unaltered"? Because that is part of the prophecy: The Altering of Scripture. It is a supernatural (beyond the explanation of natural laws) event occurring all around us. Let's look at the specifics of this prophecy.

He thinks "to change times and laws"
The passage above from Daniel 7:25 has never been understood throughout human history, until now. Now it all makes sense. Satan knows that people are TOO LAZY to discover the truth. But for the "Bereans" among mankind, here is the truth.

First, the one that arises will "think to change times and laws..." What does that mean? There are a number of "changes" that have occurred to our "times" (that is, our "history"). Here are just a few examples:

  • There is the change of the Leonardo da Vinci portrait of Mona Lisa to a definitive smile from the original which was always debated as to whether she was smiling.
  • There are changes to movies, such as
    • the Forrest Gump statement "Life is like a box of chocolates" (changed to "was")
    • the Field of Dreams statement "If you build it, they will come" (changed to "he", by the way, who is "he" that will come if it is built? The answer involves CERN, as you will soon see)
    • the cartoon Snow White statement "Mirror, mirror on the wall" (changed to "Magic mirror").
  • There are changes to the names of people, such as Sally Fields who is now, and always has been, called Sally Field (click here and stop at the 9 second mark, then reconcile it in your own mind)
  • There are even changes to people's historical death, such as Nelson Mandela's death in prison during the 1980s which now it seems never occurred, but instead he left prison in the 1990s and became President of South Africa before finally dying in the 2010s (not linked because it is the reason this effect has a name!!!).

Confused? Yes, so are MILLIONS OF PEOPLE around the entire world. Yet it is a fact, and it even has a name. It is named after Nelson Mandela. It is called, "THE MANDELA EFFECT". Some people dismiss it as "mis-remembering" and they consider this entire affair to be non-sense, foolish, and a simple error in our COLLECTIVE memories. Is that all it is? Do we -- MILLIONS OF US WITH THE SAME MEMORIES -- simply "mis-remember"? Or is there something more to this matter.

And why these changes? Is there a clue to the changes themselves?

Let's look at the 3 movie examples I gave:

  1. Life WAS like a box of chocolates
    This is telling us, life WAS wonderful, but not any more.
             And why is that?
  2. If you build it HE will come
    If you build the CERN supercollider, the demon will arise out of the abyss.
             Who is "he" and how is that achieved?
  3. MAGIC mirror on the wall
    By MAGICALLY piercing the veil, seeing through, and magically conjuring up their god Cernunnos (also known as Abaddon in Hebrew and Apollyon in Greek, see Revelation 9:11).

Remember the words of Daniel 7:25. "And he shall speak great words against the Most High, and shall vex the people of the Most High, and think to change times and laws; and they shall be given into his hand  until a time, and times, and the dividing of time."

You see, the altering of scripture is a supernatural (beyond the explanation of natural laws) event occurring all around us. That is the "change ... and laws" part of the prophecy. Changes to the Bible -- the recorded "laws of God" according to Judeo-Christian faith systems.

What kind of changes are occurring in the Bible? A great many of them, and some people have been very thorough in examining these changes. I could list many hundreds I have personally seen, but instead, I think a series of videos in order would be more beneficial and logically arranged for a full concept to be understood. Then you can go and do more research on your own, as did I.

Here is my suggested viewing order for understanding these changes in scripture:

  1. This series of videos and "original residual" first
  2. This video second
  3. This video third

After reviewing just those three links, then I recommend seriously examining the column at right entitled "What is CERN?"

What is the Objective?
Because of the presently falling international Cabal, a backup plan is underway. The backup plan had long been established.

This backup plan is the hijack of the Trump decimation of the global human trafficking network, as well as its support mechanisms in various global organizations (Clinton Foundation, Red Cross, etc.) and primary conduit of the Democrat party in the United States. That decimation is well underway and will be achieved in significant portion before the end of 2020, ultimately finished over the next four years.

But Satan is also a very intelligent being, and has planned for contingencies. The coming iteration of his "enlightenment" of mankind is something like this:

  • The fall of the Cabal and the SRA/Human trafficking
  • The rise of the "aliens" and a promise for Earth
       this is already initiated (click here)
  • The modified Bible to support the anti-Christ
       (and consolidate the world's religions)
  • A medical basis for implementing a tracking mark
  • The mark required to buy, sell, enter, exit, etc.
  • The mark associated with great global leader
  • The purge of the non-compliant (primary basis is
       already in the Bible at Luke 19:27, a statement
       Jesus NEVER ACTUALLY MADE!!!)
  • Culminating in Ezekiel chapters 38-39

What is the timing of all of this?

  • 2020-2025: Cabal destroyed
  • Simultaneous: CERN modifications continue
  • 2025-2030: Rise of "aliens" & Revised Bible
  • 2030-2035: Rise of anti-Christ & Revised Bible
  • 2030-2045: Global Control following nuclear war
  • 2035-2050: Purge of the non-compliant
  • 2045-2055: Ezekiel chapters 38-39
  • 2050-2055: The Return of Jesus Christ

More will be added soon.