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The Significant Events of The 2020 Time Frame
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Definition: Conspiracy Theory  
     To question or advocate
     for a notion, idea, or
     suggestion that is contrary
     to the "official" narrative
     approved for indoctrinating
     the public. Anyone who may
     question the "official" view
     promulgated by government
     or authoritative source is
     to be labeled a "conspiracy

Source of phrase: CIA  
  See official CIA document
  from 1967 by clicking here.

Censor via financial stranglehold

The Cabal has control of the CIA platforms Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and others, but cannot control Gab, BitChute and some other alternative sites. Therefore, as of 10/23/2020 a coordinated financial attack has begun against the platforms of those not under CIA control. This is to financially starve anyone not complying with the CIA narrative.

This is all out information warfare. This is criminal conspiracy. The CIA is actively interfering in the US Election.

The label "Conspiracy Theory" was coined by the CIA in the 1960s to be applied as a derisive to any assertions contradicting the "OFFICIAL" narrative regarding the assassination of John F Kennedy. This label was wildly successful and thus became broadly applied to any belief, assertion, or conclusion that contradicted any topic's approved narrative over the subsequent decades. The application of the derisive to the label was so successful that anytime the Mockingbird media slings it at a counter-narrative, the majority of the population accept on blind faith that pursuing the matter might result in the undesirable effect of becoming a brainwashed cult-follower. So, the CIA has actually PROJECTED onto the people the opposite of truth. Look at the quote of William Casey in the graphic above, and reconcile it in your own mind.

Is your life like most people?

Do you go to work each day, return to your spouse and 2.3 children and 1.2 pets? Are you very busy day-to-day with work, enjoying family life, taking a vacation each summer, playing a little sport, enjoying a thrilling movie?

If so, then you are likely unaware of what has changed over time, specifically in the trustworthiness of the media, politicians, physicians, and even your clergy. What if, completely outside your experience, and hidden by a compliant coordinated media and entertainment industry, something truly nefarious was being constructed?

How would you become aware of it? How does one awaken from the propagandized false reality that has been clandestinely perpetrated upon the world?

 I recommend beginning with this video. In it, you will be exposed 
 to what has awakened many millions of people all over the world. 

Note: this is something that will be illuminating to most when they see it for the first time. Most of us are so busy in our lives that we don't even think about what is really going on in the world, so the Out of Shadows documentary is a huge "red pill" for many, and although Q is never mentioned in this video, the subject matter is directly connected to the Q movement as will be seen in many of Q's posts/drops.

If YouTube censors this (as it has done multiple times),
you can always access it on BitChute by clicking here.

Special Note regarding the Out of Shadows Documentary (click here)

NOTE: This is a work in progress, presently about 40% complete. Many sections are being added and are in progress, denoted by an Under Construction graphic. Critical links are already installed, thus a serious examination can be done, even as I am adding to this site. I have spent many months researching and am now finally organizing my thoughts and understanding for presentation. There is enough here for you to begin your journey. Enjoy.

Understanding COVID-19

CRIMES EXPOSED: Child/Human Trafficking, Rape, and Murder; Satanic Ritual Abuse; Treason; Conspiracy to Defraud--Click Here

Trump Twitter Archive (Click Here)

This study is not a quick thing. This requires countless hours and deep research into a vast amount of data. If you are looking for a quip or sound-bite, you are at the wrong website.

Current/Breaking News

Specific Topic Index
Adding links as site
is developed, presently
approximately 40% done

Before Q

I Began With A Study of Money
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Trump & The Prophetic Times
Time to Awaken - RED PILL
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<Military Industrial Complex>
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<Human History>

Who is Q?

The Ridicule of QAnon
Understanding Q, Q+, Qanon
Owl god: Molech/Moloch/Ba'al
Obscure Q Posts Explained
Project Looking Glass
COVID-19: Documented Truth
Trump Posting as Q+

Q and Beyond

Election 2020+1 day & Beyond
Understanding Long Game
What is the Mandela Effect?

CERN: Quantum Changes in History

< Bible Changes & Why>
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Q Proofs

Coordination, Trolling, Deltas
<Execution of John McCain>
<Execution of GHW Bush>
Election 2020+1 day & Beyond

"RED PILL" links below!!!


 About 40% done.

Sections of this site are STILL being constructed.

Compiled in the Summer and Fall, in the Year of our Lord, 2020  (NOTE: best viewed with minimum 1024x760 screen)

This is a significant time in human history, for today there is a multi-front cultural and spiritual war in the United States and globally.

It is truly a "good vs. evil" war, not of political parties nor nation-states. It is a global Cabal with an allegiance to dark spiritual forces against a world desiring the liberty and benefits of Divine light shining upon the nations.

This analysis is divided into TWO MAIN PARTS even though it is one overall global struggle between light and dark.

The two main parts are:

The Q Movement - The Visible War

(Part 1)

This is actually the most extensive military-planned-and-coordinated operation in the 6,000 year history of our world. It is a back-channel communication mechanism for dropping classified information in a carefully composed messaging system so as to by-pass a completely corrupt global media and deliver to the general public the intelligence hidden by the Cabal.

The Much, Much More - The Invisible War

(Part 2)

This is actually MORE SIGNIFICANT than the Q Movement, yet also will become more distressing to the majority of people. This includes the fulfillment of various prophesies, exposure of the repetition of historical power corruption, and very importantly, the now failing global Cabal plan and its successor "Plan B" which is the already revealed intent to hijack the agenda following the successful completion of the Q operation.

A Study of Q and Much, Much More!

My social media accounts: Twitter | Gab | Parler


Our world needs to awaken. Here are critical "awakening resources". Watch the videos, read the resources, and then expand your own research. The alternative is to remain blind and ignorant.

It is Time to Awaken
"Red Pill" Yourself With These Links

Out of Shadows
Q Maps (raw, unfiltered)
QAlerts | QAnon | QResearch
My downloaded Q Map
ShadowGate Documentary Ultimate Q Proofs: Part 1
more coming soon Q Plan Video
COVID911 Plandemic (YT censored) InTheMatrix Bitchute Channel
Event 201 (a goal of Agenda 21) Praying Medic Q Analysis
more coming soon Martin Geddes on Q
more coming soon X22Report: Bitchute | Website
more coming soon more coming soon
Agenda 21 more coming soon
YT: Pure Corruption: Clinton Cash more coming soon
YT: CERN Manipulation Bush Funeral Envelope of Doom


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Now Imagine...

Imagine the homosexual community learning that HCQ would have eradicated HIV in the mid-1980s. Imagine the millions of people who have watched their loved ones die after excruciating sickness from the lying treatment perpetrated upon an ignorant society, and all of it is purely for profit.

These "big pharma" and "doctors", who are nothing but profit whores, will be deserving of their eternal destination in hell for what they have done to millions of people over the last 100 years.


Finally, we MUST MAKE hydroxychloroquine available over the counter, and people can prophylactically use chlorine dioxide and other supplements... all for pennies !!!


Absolutely not!
The ingredients of the proposed RUSHED TO MARKET vaccine are extremely dangerous to the body, provide massive money to "big pharma" and Bill Gates (check out the human tracking patent "2020/060606" and view it online for yourself at this patent link !!), and the world would soon learn that the vaccine will not actually protect anyone but will provide a global tracking system for every man, woman, and child on the planet.

COVID has a 99.98% survival rate. Only the seriously ill are in danger if they contract COVID in addition to their other illnesses.


First, Understanding the Great Objective

This is not a quick read. This is a deep dive study. It will FOREVER impact your world view. Analysis of this material cannot be undertaken lightly.

The Ridicule of QAnon

Why does the media "project" onto QAnon a terrible image (terrorists, rioters, etc) when the facts are actually the opposite?

Q posted (in post 1644) the following explanation:

"It would force us to prove everything stated to avoid looking crazy, correct? What do they fear the most? Public awakening. If they ask. They self destruct. They know this is real."

The media KNOWS this is real. The media KNOWS that the Q movement is taking down the international Cabal to which they answer and for which they cover with their daily lies to the public.

The media is DESPERATE to regain control over what the people think and believe. Q post 3369 clearly explains the media's objective to ensure we, the people, believe what they tell us to believe.

They are in panic because we, the people, are now awake and understand they are lying.

I know we live in a "sound bite" world at this time, and the contemplative nature of humanity of decades and centuries past has been lost, but it is necessary to reclaim, else one is tossed about like a wave of the sea, without mooring, without understanding. "Sound bite" living is a life of deficiency.

Q Predecessors?

There have been a couple of interesting things that have preceded Q and may or may not be actual predecessors to the Q team. These will be referenced below.

 - FBI Anon (click here)
 - COM-12 (developing)
 - Q Group (developing)
 - Q Clearance (developing)
 - Pat Buchanan (coming)

And now for the bizarre!
 - The Voice of Q and other
   bizarre historical info and
   portents (click here)

So, where does one begin with something this significant and of this magnitude?

The beginning for me was with a study of money. In the late 1980s I had received a book entitled The Miracle on Main Street written by a fellow Tennessean, Mr. Tupper Saussy of Sewanee. I was in my mid-to-late 20s and a friend had said to me, "Hey, read this book."

That was the moment I was "red pilled", that is, awakened and exposed to a reality different from the one taught to me in school and in both the media and entertainment worlds.

That was when I realized I had been "programmed" and there was in fact a long-game employed to transform the only truly free nation that ever existed into another political structure variant of the historical tyranny the world had always known.

As I began a slow process of research and study (no internet in those days), I realized that the tyrannical has always exerted power over the "world" it controlled and subjugated the masses to its intent.

I further realized that Marxism, this era's version of the various forms of similar tyrannies observed in history, was already well-established in its integration into the American way of life.

The Murder of
Supreme Court
Associate Justice
Antonin Scalia

Q has confirmed that Justice Antonin Scalia was murdered by the Obama Administration in February of 2016.

I have a special page devoted to this specific topic as has been explained by Q.

Click Here for Murder
of Antonin Scalia


187 is the number of the
California Penal Code
used for murder.

It took me a long time to realize this was a thoroughly coordinated, planned subversion, yet early on I became aware of the international Cabal though without a clear understanding of how widely integrated its control was intended to be.

Q Post 3369 regarding
the Mockingbird Media

Q mentions Operation Mockingbird
in three posts:
113, 144, and 626

Over the subsequent three decades, my research and study uncovered extremely disturbing truths, things as simple as the CIA operations that were intended to enslave the masses under a false reality (THINK: Operation Mockingbird--click here for Wikipedia explanation of the "unconfirmed" and "alleged" CIA program) wherein every day Americans come home eager to turn on their "television" [say it: TELL-A-VISION] and scroll through the "channels" to select their "programming" for the evening.

I further learned of the Satanic secrets of the Cabal, its over-all intents, and its various structural forms (government, corporations, charities, associations, secret societies, industries, etc.).

Even at the beginning of the 1990s, this structure was already extremely well-established globally, and with the election of William Jefferson Clinton to the Presidency, I immediately recognized the ultimate purpose of this global Cabal, ignorant only of its detailed plans and operational mechanisms.

Consider how frustrating that is. After all, the intent was to hide from the public the purpose, targeted objectives, and detailed action plans.

I had learned -- that is, discerned -- its purpose, and had reasonably determined a sliver of its targeted objectives, yet I was unable to gain the necessary information to understand all of the objectives, and certainly not the action plans for achieving those objectives.

Vaccines Used for
Reducing Population?

Bill Gates actually says this. Watch this video carefully. Yes, you heard that correctly. Bill Gates clearly states the need for reducing population, and one mechanism is vaccines (and other things including "reproductive health"). Think about that carefully.

Profit motive & pop control
Movie VAXXED (why expo increase?)
What are the ingredients?
Effect on the body?


The Presidency of Bill Clinton not only opened my eyes to the purpose of the Cabal and some of its objectives, but his Presidency signaled, yea even kick-started, a fundamental shift in both society and polity. Bill Clinton and his horde in the White House began a more rapid implementation of the Cabal's intended destruction of the freedoms enjoyed by the American public, and that assault took the form of two prongs:

    1.) Social Fabric
    2.) Global Submission of the USA

This began with his first years in office pushing a PRO-homosexual agenda, a secret attempt to take over the heath-care industry of America, and a coordinated attack on individual liberty (most specifically and most importantly: The Right to Bear Arms as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States).

Suffice it to say that the generally asleep public woke up enough to be repulsed by Clinton's plans, and delivered a resounding defeat to him in the 1994 mid-term elections, ensuring the damage he could do to this Republic was somewhat limited by GOP control of the Congress.

Yet even in that defeat, the Presidency wields significant power, and Clinton was able to effectively advance the destruction of the already significantly crippled moral fabric of our society.

The 1960s and 1970s had been a "revolutionary" period, which in itself was successful in destroying the moral codes under which the Republic had lived for so long.

Clinton just threw that drive into "high gear" in the 1990s. I further discuss Clinton on a separate essay available here.

Then Came W and 9/11
With the election of George W Bush, still under some of the disinformation perpetuated by the Cabal, I breathed a sigh of relief. He was too moderate for my tastes, but Al Gore was a complete moron and would have further destroyed the economy, strength, morality, and institutions of America.

The President

So I was pleased... and then came September 11th, 2001.


Q has mentioned 9/11 multiple times. This one was hardest for me to accept, but now I understand the difficult truth about 9/11.

Click here for a full analysis

Suddenly, Bush became another "war time President". I write more extensively about President Bush elsewhere, but suffice it to say that effectively, W had foreknowledge of and is responsible for the 9/11 intentional incident which took down the twin towers in New York City and included other destruction in the nation for the purpose of inflaming the populace to call for war.

Does that sound too incredible to believe? Just wait, and put a pin in that for now. The evidence of this truth will be presented below as we dive deeper into this study.

Iraq's WMDs

It is FALSE to claim that Saddam Hussein did not have chemical and biological weapons.

At the beginning of the war with Iraq, a convoy of trucks escaped Iraq into Syria with all of the chemical and biological weapons. The WMD reality was used as justification for entering a war with Iraq. None were found, and all news reports of the convoy escape were ignored, and even scrubbed from news outlets.

This was also a Cabal orchestration to retain the weapons in Syria while injuring George W Bush politically in order to further the objective of installing Barack Hussein Obama into the Presidency.

... and as noted in this article: "[Clapper] told The Times in 2003 that U.S. satellites documented waves of truck traffic out of Iraq and into Syria."

Why didn't our Air Force in the region destroy those vehicles? After all, we had air superiority. Why not destroy them? To protect them, ensuring the weapons safe transport to Syria for future use, and then to falsely claim there were none in Iraq, thereby turning the public against the Republicans, regardless of the fact that George W Bush was completely "in on it". It is NOT about Republican vs. Democrat. That is a false division perpetrated by the Cabal to keep the populace distracted from their agenda.

Furthermore, the Iraq theatre of W's war on terror, though ACCURATELY predicated on the "weapons of mass destruction" (see column at right regarding chemical and biological weapons that were transported into Syria which, during Obama's Presidency, were used on Syria's undesirables), was another "fake war" with real death, and was begun at the command of the international Cabal and dutifully executed by Bush, their puppet in the White House.

The Surveillance State

The Patriot Act, and all of the technological developments of the new millennium, were to provide the Cabal with a means of total surveillance of the population of the planet, beginning in the United States.

This system would be the domain of the NSA and used to control the future population when the Obama administration was ended and the destruction of the Republic was then to be achieved under a Hillary Clinton Presidency.

This system has captured EVERY SINGLE phone call, text, and internet exchange for the last 15+ years.

The victory of Trump resulted in that very system being turned against its creators to bring about their destruction, as will be seen in the Q Movement section below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are wondering about the incredulity of this, take a look at this video of George Herbert Walker Bush's funeral. Something there tells you there is A HUGE UNKNOWN being exposed. W does not react. Laura is horrified. And Jeb looks like his stomach dropped out of his body. What could possibly be so absolutely terrifying at the funeral of their father?

The real purpose of the W administration was to ramp up more debt while justifying the need to create an electronic monitoring system within the National Security Agency for tracking and controlling the entire population as well as implementing a global surveillance system of all data and voice communications.

Confirmed Executions

There is a lot of speculation about arrests, tribunals, convictions, and executions. Given this persistent speculation, I have added a page to address what has been confirmed versus what is speculation, even noting where there is compelling evidence.

Click here for that analysis

This surveillance system was to be in place and ready to turn against the people during the next administration, as will be clearly seen in the subsequent sections of this analysis below.

As the Bush Presidency was nearing its end, the Cabal was ready to implement a fully developed sixteen year plan for the eventual elimination of America as a global political force.

The Cabal had chosen its patsy for initiating the first eight years of that sixteen year plan, and needed to ensure their choice would win the Presidential election of 2008.

Barack Hussein Obama
Hussein was the perfect patsy, being a drug-using homosexual, married to a (supposedly transgendered) person who absolutely hated America and was never proud of her country until Hussein was elected, but then again resumed hating America after Trump was elected.

What Happened to JFK?



Their strategy was two-fold: a sudden destruction of the US economy and an opponent also under their control who would intentionally present himself as a weak candidate.

Q Affirms the
"Birther" Question

This will be one of the greatest Q proofs when it occurs (which is imminent as of this writing on 9/13/2020).

Q affirms in post 894 that Obama was never eligible to serve as President in the first place, and that Obama will confirm this himself when he claims Kenyan citizenship in an effort to avoid prosecution for treason and a wide array of crimes against humanity.

The financial destruction was achieved by collapsing the capitalized mortgages that were never credit worthy but were written anyway under the Jimmy Carter fair housing "Community Reinvestment Act" that had been tweaked to be even more disastrous under the Bill Clinton Presidency. With that initiated, a rapid deep recession was intentionally begun.

Simultaneously, Sarah Palin (who turned out to be far more effective than the Cabal expected) was silenced, made to look foolish, and relegated to "leper status" during the 2008 election campaign.

John McCain (who in the Q Movement section below will be shown to be a traitor, and far worse) then bumbled and blundered his way to November, all but ensuring an Obama win.

The entire election was a script, written by the Cabal and played out by its minions -- actors in a play: McCain and Obama -- and worked exactly as the Cabal had intended.

The goal: The "fundamental transformation of America" promised by the false Messiah (actually a "Manchurian" candidate) Barack Hussein Obama, the puppet of George Soros.

With the election of Barack Hussein Obama, America plunged into chaos. Obama implemented massive wasteful spending, giving the money directly to the very perpetrators of the financial crisis, paying them off by ushering taxpayer dollars into massive, unaccountable funds and organizations.

He also began immediately pressing even further than had Bill Clinton in normalizing the homosexual agenda by enhancing it further to actively promote the transgender agenda of destruction of societal norms and the remaining vestiges of the moral principles upon which America was founded.

Obama then weaponized the powers of government against the people, specifically those opposed to the corruption he was fostering. To distract from his extremely destructive policies, he fomented racial tensions in the nation.

There is an exhaustive list of things beyond the purview of this analysis. Some of it has been documented in my Barack Hussein Obama pages, and some of which will be discussed in greater detail below in the Q Movement section.

Suffice it to say that by the end of his Presidency, he was generally hated by more than half the nation, but the Cabal was not concerned about that at all, for they had planned to ensure Hillary Clinton's election to the office.

Voting machines throughout most of the USA were, by this time, already controlled by George Soros' software affiliates.

Thus, the Cabal had what they believed to be sufficiently prepared, fraudulent voter mechanisms in place ensuring they would be able to achieve their goal.

They never thought she would lose, regardless of how angry and disgusted the American people had become with their agenda. They would cheat in the election, and the media would protect their secret by parroting the "landslide win of Madam President".

Trump: Making America Great Again
With the election of Donald J Trump, America was thrown into chaos by an absolutely and insanely enraged Cabal. They never thought Hillary would lose. What they did not know was that there was a 20 year plan meticulously orchestrated by a handful of patriots in the American military and implemented to ensure the fraudulent activities of the Cabal would not succeed in placing their witch in the White House.


The Great RUDE Awakening
Q tells us there will be no civil war in Q Post #1664. Why no civil war in waking up the people of the world to understand the control system that has been imposed upon us? If the world awakens and says "NO!" to the control system, not a single shot need be fired.

Movie Mimics Life
The Matrix Has You

If you are willing to watch a 2 hour exposition, it will explain how the writers of the movie trilogy "The Matrix" have revealed the control system and shown the way to liberate humanity from the hidden slavery into which everyone is born, and to do so without firing a single shot.

Consider the entirety of history. Until America, there was always master and slave, aristocracy and plebeians, lords and serfs. The American system was intended to distrust and refute consolidation of power, but the "lords" spent 200 years restoring their control. The brilliance of the American system is why that was so difficult to achieve. The Democrats believe freedom is "unnatural" as explained on 8/25/2020 by this guy! (Click here for screen capture!) Infiltration instead of invasion (armed populace deterrent) was necessary. Infiltration took 2 centuries.

We now stand on the verge of brutal and total re-enslavement. Now we are out of time. The red pill, the great awakening, the RUDE TRUTH, can no longer delay.

Here is the 2 hour exposition. It explains how "The Matrix" creatively, using Sci-Fi as cover, explains everything, for the movie trilogy truly is a carefully constructed exposition of the control system under which humanity has been enslaved.

Here you can purchase a low-cost copy in DVD (at $9.92 for all three as of 9/6/2020) of the trilogy "The Matrix".

That plan was meticulously mapped out for an alternative eight year orchestration that would completely undo the decades of the Cabal's destructive activities and would also bring down the entire Cabal.

This is where the Q Movement comes into focus. Thus I will not expound upon the Trump Presidency in this section. Below, in the Q Movement, is where the larger picture will become clear.

Summary of the Great Objective
While the visible aspects of this overall objective have been introduced above, what exactly is the "Great Objective"? In the right column I discuss a Plan A and a Plan B. The great objective of the Cabal has always been the re-institution of Lords and Serfs, Aristocracy and Plebeians, masters and slaves... ultimately it is those who control and those they control.

Plans A & B

The Destruction Planned For
The United States of America

First it is important to understand that throughout human history, there have been many destructive plans, but in our vernacular, we refer to an alternate plan as "plan B", so in this matter, I refer to the last 140+ year plan as plan A.

Plan A actually begins prior to 1900 with the subjugation of this "free nation" to a global Cabal, initiated on the manipulation of money, with the intent of ensuring the wealth of the Cabal along with its political "behind the scenes" might, otherwise more accurately termed as "tyranny".

The full plan "A" is detailed in Q post number 570 ( Click Here ).

Hussein [8 years]
Note: Barack Hussein Obama chose his own US Secret Service codename. He chose "Renegade". Why?

Obama was to install rogue operations, leak classified intelligence and military assets, cut funding to the military and remove command from generals to hand-selected commanders who would do the Cabal's bidding (like in the JFK time frame). Valerie Jarrett was the sniffer, the person to identify the "good guys" in our military and remove them.

Further, Obama would sell access to SAP (special access programs) which protected the US and approve a reverse-asset CIA operation releasing critical data to the world through Edward Snowden. This open source and exposure of Prism/Keyscore was catastrophic to US Military operations against bad actors worldwide, and even deadly to CIA operatives while also crippling to the NSA.

Domestically, Obama would then target/weaken conservative base using a weaponized IRS and a complicit propagandized mainstream media. Further, with an open border policy, he would flood the nation with illegal aliens for ensuring Democrat election wins as well as funding and installing paramilitary arms of ISIS and MS13 so as to cause fear, target/remove domestic-assets etc.

Internationally, Obama would turn a blind-eye to North Korea's nuclear buildup while actually funding Iran to achieve a nuclear status.

Obama approved the assassination of SCOTUS Justice Antonin Scalia so as to stage the Supreme Court with anti-Second Amendment replacement Merrick Garland.

Then there is the Uranium One deal which would provide American uranium to Iran and North Korea while reducing our capacity, and ultimately result in an incident during a Hillary Presidency where the move "The Sum of All Fears" is played out in real life.

Obama also killed the US space program so as to prevent space domination by America and thus allow bad actors to take down our military satellites, disrupt worldwide secure communication systems, and install WMD platforms in space to use against the United States of America (specifically to completely cripple us by detonation of a space originating EMP--electro-magnetic pulse).

Hillary Rodham Clinton [8 years]
What was planned for a Hillary Presidency is as follows:

A very real death but totally faked World War III based on the model of the movie "The Sum of All Fears", playing out in real life.

A control of population growth through medical VACCINES wherein the deep state Cabal can pocket billions from mandatory patented global vaccination programs designed to retard human reproductive systems and actually directly kill millions from vaccination errors/side-effects, all of it justified in the name of preventing global pandemics [remind you of anything now occurring in summer of 2020? Remember Q post 570 was made 1/21/2018, TWO YEARS before COVID was hurried up to be intentionally released upon the world, trying to accelerate the HRC plan and sidetrack Trump].

Next, Hillary would eliminate final rogue operatives (that is, people resisting her design to destroy America) within our government and military, ensuring total loyalty to the Cabal plan.

Hillary would benefit from a killed / destroyed US economy for the result of an EMP (and limited nuclear war) would be bare grocery shelves and disrupted supply chains, thus the American people would starve and therefore easily submit to enslavement just to have food.

She would continue the open borders to flood the nation with non-patriots, criminal gangs, etc.

Then she would actually propose a revised Constitution, completely banning firearms, further installing 'on team' Supreme Court justices ensuring legal win(s) across wide spectrum of challengers, including those attempting to stop her elimination of the US 2nd Amendment (remember that Antonin Scalia was murdered by Obama for this very purpose).

Revisions would also ensure removal of the electoral college which is designed to ensure states are represented in a way where the popular vote manipulation is less successful. Voting would then be rigged to ensure illegal votes for Democrats are counted and voting machines are controlled by software (developed and implemented in prior decade) from organizations funded by George Soros.

Hillary would then drastically cut funding of our military to ensure our loss of dominance after having already been crippled, and she would close military installations worldwide, beginning with Germany (leaving them at the mercy of the Cabal wherein would arise then a new fascism).

She would also destroy any opposing news sources, ensuring a mainstream media propaganda eerily similar to George Orwell's 1984. All other news outlets would be completely censored.

This plan was detailed and shared by Q in on January 21, 2018 in post 570 (click here for graphic).

The Hijacking of the Resulting
Success of the Q Movement

This is the subject of
PART 2: Much, Much More
The Invisible War
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As the global Cabal is rapidly falling as of August 2020, a plan "B" has already long ago been devised and put into motion to ensure the hijacking of the resulting success of the Q Movement and then is redirected back to the incredible evil that was (is being as of August 2020) destroyed by the Q Movement.

The significant clue of this plan "B" can be clearly seen by a full analysis of the following "first pass" document. It is buried within a "blissful vision" website and designed to fit with the simultaneous manipulation of events discussed in the PART 2 "Much Much More" below the Q discussion (at left).

The significant clue can be seen here
NOTE: Pay particular attention to the
explanation of who is Jesus the Christ

The perversion is badly worded as of this time (August 2020), yet it is the clue. Additionally, the fact that this Plan B has already traction can be seen in the vast number of Twitter and Facebook accounts indicating "star seed" and "Christ-consciousness" (a concept promoted on that site). Some are probably well-meaning (yet deceived) individuals, but some are "all in" nefarious, intending to participate in the hijack.

Ask Yourself: Why?

Because the world is expecting the "GREAT AWAKENING" and the promised enlightenment it will bring and because Satan has always hijacked EVERY period intended to be an "enlightenment" (even the very first one where he told Eve she would "be like God" in her understanding).

Here is the hijacking of the awakening, and will be the mechanism of returning to an even greater evil under the guise of a new religion... a syncretic heresy, merging Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Paganism, and Eastern Mysticism... promising to elevate man to the higher plane of divine dimensions... yet, as has always occurred, failing miserably in that objective.

We have seen this in history before. How many promised "enlightenments" have actually resulted in a greater association with the Divinity of God? Think back to every promised "enlightenment"... and remember they ALL BROUGHT DEATH!

And so, as discussed in far more detail in Part 2 at left, there is a long-established Plan B that has been simultaneously advancing, albeit quietly, yet it can be seen and understood for those "with eyes to see and ears to hear".

You see, the American experiment was one of FREEDOM. Although there was originally slavery, that was well on its way out of the system even before 1776, and within 100 years it was officially ended by the Republicans against the DEMOCRATS' strenuous objections. While ended, slavery simply went "invisible", and has continued to this day.

The "public version" of this invisible slavery is the hijacked-and-then-reversely-named Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s wherein the desire for greater freedom by people of color was hijacked and subjugated to a new master (i.e. government) under a welfare program which was concocted by the Democrats (Lyndon B. Johnson) and which segregated them into housing projects and virtually destroyed black-owned businesses.

The "private version" of this invisible slavery is today referred to as child-sex-trafficking, human-trafficking, Satanic-ritual-abuse, and any number of other labels.

This slavery is fully functioning globally, significantly administered by primarily Democrats (particularly the Clinton Foundation, Planned Parenthood, and others which will shock the public once disclosed), some Republicans (in name only, i.e. RINOs), and many others associated with the global Cabal.

The Great Objective is to ENSLAVE HUMANITY once again. The last 140+ years have been used to build up wealth and physical functions, to then create a massive "snap back" to reign in some of the wealth as was done in 1914-1918, 1929, 1938-1944, 1973-1980, and 2008.

Every time the "middle class" achieves, there is something initiated to confiscate the wealth and restart the cycle (depression to growth, recession to growth, etc.) so as to arrive at a significant human advancement in technology, possessions, and wealth before then re-enslaving the world.

That is the Cabal and the Great Objective. This reality, combined with social engineering and mind-controlling programs (media, education, division, etc.), has been hidden and yet has marched steadily toward a day of fulfillment.

Plan A in the column at far right explains how the objective shifted into high gear in 2009 and was intended to be fully achieved by the end of a Hillary Presidency.

You see, Hillary Clinton was supposed to be the very last President of the United States of America, as it had been originally constituted.

Part 1: The Q Movement (The Visible War)
Long ago, sometime within the last 25 years, a few individuals in the United States military understood the intentions of the internationalist Cabal for the destruction of the American Republic and were carefully monitoring their activities and planning an operation to disrupt and even completely destroy the Cabal's orchestration of the re-enslavement of mankind.

Who's Moloch?

As mentioned elsewhere in this site, Q has repetitively mentioned Moloch, such as Post #153. When explaining Trump's decision to run for the Presidency, Q wrote "Perhaps he could not stomach the thought of mass murders occurring to satisfy Moloch?"

Since man's earliest recorded history, many have sacrificed animals and even humans (particularly children) to "evil gods". This goes back to long before the Caananites, Aztecs, and other historical nations. The Jewish scriptures referred to Molech / Moloch (also known as Ba'al).

This practice never ended. In fact, one need only look to Jeffrey Epstein's "pedophile island" to see a temple devoted to this very practice.

Epstein Moloch Temple

CLICK image to enlarge

When you use Google to search for "owl god", as of this writing, that search returns "Moloch" (as can be seen on the expanded image of Epstein's temple, click picture above).

For a more in-depth analysis of the "Owl God", I have added a separate page. CLICK HERE


The resulting Q Movement is part of the "awakening" of mankind to what has been done secretly. Q has provided clues (called "crumbs") so as to facilitate the "awakening". These clues are revealed over time for the purpose of helping the general public to know for WHAT to look, and then WHERE to find. These clues are "dropped" on public, uncensored message boards and cover a wide range of topics. There have been over 4,500 drops (board postings) as of this writing. Some topics are extensively referenced, where other topics have few, or even only one, reference. Here is a list of many of the major topics (not in any particular order), most of which will be discussed further in this long page:

  • Why Donald Trump ran for President in 2016
  • How to avoid a military coup and a civil war
  • The Obama administration illegally spied on Americans
  • Obama spied on Trump, Cruz, and others
  • The intended destruction of America under a sixteen year plan (Obama [8 yrs] through Hillary [8 yrs])
  • The widespread election fraud of the last many decades
  • The truth about 9/11
  • The Las Vegas massacre of 2017
  • The assassination of SCOTUS Justice Antonin Scalia (and why)
  • The international banking system and the Cabal running it
  • The missing children (i.e. human trafficking, murder, sex trade, satanic ritual abuse)
  • Paramilitary arms of the Democrat party (and the Cabal)
  • Exposing the CIA's anti-American agenda
  • Satanic worshippers (various named gods, particularly Molech / Moloch)
  • A planned-demic (COVID-19 released intentionally)
  • ...and much, much, much more !!!

Dispelling Myths

Here are a few false things claimed about Q and a necessary correction of the disinformation (all post references in this column are as of 8/27/2020 or earlier).

JFK Jr alive? See below
Is there an "R"? Q's Answer
Jeff Sessions? Q's Answers

JFK Jr Alive?

Q has clearly answered this question, but because it continues to afflict the QAnon community, I will address it here.

Originally, associated with an Anon going by the moniker "R" and associated with the JFK Jr Alive theory (click here for graphic, click here for archive), a threat to split the QAnon community existed, so Q dispelled that. See Q post 1697

Q post 2611
Question: If JFK Jr Alive?
Answer: No.

NOTE: During the same Q&A, Q answered "No" to the question of whether the earth is flat in Q post 2622. So "No" means "No, or else you have to believe the earth is NOT flat if you believe JFK Jr is alive.

Some people try all kinds of mental gymnastics to contort Q's answer about whether JFK Jr is alive to somehow still affirm. These people say that he would have dropped the "Jr" from his name and thus Q is answering that really he is still alive. The problem beyond those mental gymnastics is that JFK Jr continued to go by "Jr" for decades after his father's murder.
Click here for two examples

The only other reference is to the plane crash in 1999. That is in Q post 1082 and includes the statement: The "Start". Why? JFK Jr was killed for Hillary to take the Senate seat. That started this whole Q movement.

Danger: Turncoats? Click Here

UPDATE: 10/18/2020
I have REPEATEDLY explained: Military Intelligence attempted to dispel the myth introduced for splitting the movement. The JFK Jr issue is fantasy, designed to misdirected and subject the movement to ridicule.

Military Intelligence has AGAIN confirmed... now for the THIRD time. CLICK HERE FOR Q POST.


Q has NEVER discussed, wrote the word, or in any way mentioned "adrenochrome", HOWEVER , Q has referred to Satanic Ritual Abuse and worship of (Ba'al) Moloch/Molech here and Q has referred to Satan worshippers repeatedly, for example: here and here and here and here and the Owl god (which a simple Google proves is also a reference to Moloch/Molech) here and here and here, then also including the "Y" indicator of the Satanic goat head symbol (Baphomet/Apollyon) here and here and here. Also, in relation to Epstein's island, Q refers to the temple with a "[M]" here. While Q has never typed the word "adrenochrome" in any of the Q posts, Q has made some rather obvious references to the practices (such as cannibalism and blood drinking) when mentioning "spirit cooking" in Q posts (of which there are five) here and here and here and here and here.

Aliens, Area 51, and Ascended Masters from Other Planets / Galaxies

Q has NEVER discussed any alien influences or ascended master crap ascribed to Q, HOWEVER , Q has only once referred to whether we are alone in the universe here. What seems most important to me is that Q does not identify any "beings" which inhabit the universe and whether those are "spirits" interacting among us (as mentioned in Judeo-Christian beliefs) or other sentient corporeal life. Additionally, the "highest classification" answer regarding Area 51 is NOT a confirmation that Q is answering only one question. The person writing the question assumes Area 51 = non-terrestrial life, but Q does NOT address that. I believe Q is answering TWO questions without further comment, treating the Area 51 question (an advanced weapons ground) as a SEPARATE question. Obnosis means taking the comment strictly at its content WITHOUT inserting pre-existing ideas or notions into the answer. Look again ONLY at Q's answer(s) to the (two?) question(s) of "alone" and "Area 51".

So with the Q Movement, we learn of a plan to disrupt the global Cabal and reverse their intentions of returning the masses to the control of an aristocracy, and their hatred of the freedoms embodied in the American system, and thus their need to remove the only true super power on the planet, that only structure in the history of mankind intended to ensure individual liberty for all.

The American military component (very limited number of people) needed to find a way to avoid a coup d-etat since the American people would very likely resist such an action and are also very well armed in order to repel any military intervention in the nation from either domestic or foreign forces, as intended by the founders of the Republic.

To "legitimately" implement their plan the Patriots needed a Presidential Candidate willing to "save the Republic" and also needed a means of disseminating information to the public at large, thereby bypassing the corrupt "mainstream media" which was almost entirely controlled by the Cabal.

At some point during that 25 year period, Donald Trump was approached by representatives of this small group of Patriots. They explained their plan to him and asked him to run for the office of President of the United States.

John F Kennedy Gravesite
See the Q ? The Q moniker
was chosen in honor of JFK

Their extremely detailed planning, done over at least a 20 to 25 year time period included all contingencies for Cabal retaliation.

The planning and strategy to avoid civil war on the American continent has been detailed and extremely meticulous.

Thus arose Donald J. Trump as the Republican candidate for President in the 2016 election, and then during his first year in office, a back-channel communication from the Patriots using a filter-free, censorship-free platform.

The back-channel mechanism was originally 4chan (progressing to 8chan and then 8kun) and the moniker was "Q", the 17th letter of the English alphabet.


The information below is a short
list of seven critical items for clearly
understanding what is happening
at this significant moment in human history. A more exhaustive list is available at top right of this page.

Out of Shadows Documentary

ShadowGate Documentary

Q Plan Video

Ultimate Q Proof Part 1

Martin Geddes on Q

COVID911 Plandemic
Censored by YouTube

Event 201 (Agenda 21)

Those who began following the posts of Q were called "Anons" because the platform was an anonymous posting forum, thus was born the "QAnon".

Important note: Some have tried to discredit Q by setting up social media accounts and claiming to be Q, or by refuting Anons based upon the evolution of the chan/kun boards.

This is a false analysis. Q clearly stated that there would be no communications as Q outside of the chan/kun "platform" (see Q post #513).

Q will only post as Q on the chan/kun platform, never on any social media or other platform.

The QAnon phenomenon is subject to significant ridicule by the "mainstream" purveyors of lies. Why?

Because the mainstream media (MSM) know all about Q and know that it is a very real operation, thus their handlers in the Cabal desire to keep it hidden from the public.

For this reason, the notion of the "RED PILL" (from the movie The Matrix) is often employed.

The red pilling activity can be achieved by examining the informational videos and analyses in the "RED PILL YOURSELF" column embedded here (above, middle).

What does one learn from the red pilling activities?

Well, it is rather stunning, but basically one learns that there really is an international, insidiously evil, global Cabal attempting to destroy the Republic and that they really are devotees of Satan (or any other number of names of ancient gods but all representing the demonic world -- Ba'al, Baphomet, Moloch / Molech, etc.) and the Cabal traffics children, women, and all other forms of slavery for labor, sexual perversions, and human sacrifice.

Historically this has ALWAYS EXISTED and can be seen in the ancient Canaanites, Aztecs, Romans, Druids, and every other ancient historical culture. Why?

Because Satan has been cast down upon the earth since before the creation of mankind, he hates the God of Abraham, and he hates the creation of God.

The "red pilling" items also explain the plan of the Patriots to reverse the Cabal's plans and to communicate with the public.

This has resulted in a now rapidly evolving "great awakening" of mankind to the intentionally deceptive activities of the international Satanic Cabal.

Once one understands the situation giving rise to Q and then understands that Q is a military intelligence operation which includes a back-channel of information to the public at large, then one wonders what has Q revealed to us.

 I suggest you now watch this video to understand the nature (and confirmation) 
 of this military intelligence back channel, which is also affirmed by Trump himself. 

If YouTube censors this (as it has done multiple times),
you can always access it on BitChute by clicking here.

Clinton Foundation,
Red Cross/Crescent,
NXIVM & Pizzagate,
& Other Global Entities


Original "Clinton Cash" only scratched the surface.

In an effort to "muddy the waters", the Cabal through its MSM mouthpiece attributes many ridiculous things to Q (some of which are discussed in the column at above-left entitled "DISPELLING MYTHS"), and other deranged individuals with strange belief systems have also attributed various bizarre theories to Q (which have never been discussed by Q but are advanced because they are presuppositions held by those communicating such idiocies).

As an example of something Q has NEVER ONCE posted, some posit that aliens from the Pleiades are hiding in underground / underwater cities working with and against various other life forms (such as "Lizards" or "Reptiles", and "Nephilim") with a purpose of guiding humanity through the Trump Presidency and into a "great awakening" which will bring humanity to a higher consciousness while achieving the destruction of the adrenochrome-using pedophiles, ultimately for an emerging of 1,000 years of peace and tranquility under a "NESARA / GESARA" structure wherein everyone on the planet will have everything they could ever want.

Perhaps some easily deceived people believe that craziness with sincerity and without nefarious intent, but the purveyors of that narrative are certainly nefarious, intending to HIJACK THE GREAT AWAKENING. I have mentioned this in the column at right entitled PLAN "B" and will discuss it further in the section below entitled PART 2: Much Much More (The Invisible War). So let's leave the speculative behind and look only at what Q has told us.

Q Revelations
First let's define a word very few ever use: OBNOSIS.

The definition of "obnosis" is really quite simply "at face value", meaning that one receives communication and processes it without pre-existing bias, suppositions, perceptions, and without "reading anything into it" -- that is, not receiving anything other than what is explicitly stated and never redirecting the stated to what was not stated.

As an example, since Q often posts posing questions, let me ask this question of the reader:

Do you know what time it is?

When asked that question, that vast majority of people will look to see what time it is and then tell you what time it is according to their timepiece (watch, phone, etc.). But you see, the actual time was not the question. In fact, there are only two answers possible to the question as it was asked:
The answer to "do you know..." is either YES or NO.

The way we read things, the way we hear things, the way we comprehend things... these are affected by our perceptions and biases, thus we often answer the wrong way. Obnosis would only give an answer of either YES or NO to the question as it was asked.

So, with the discussion before us, I will be presenting a view consistent with OBNOSIS: simply stating only what has been posted by Q, and if I make any personal observations, they will be clearly designated as such.

SPECIAL NOTE: May I recommend the analyses provided by Dave Hayes, who is known as Praying Medic on his website, on Twitter, and on Parler. He has a detailed "decode" of Q posts that often is obnosis-based, and he is a very thoughtful person with a deliberate style and intent that is as close to purely research-oriented as I have ever seen among the QAnon community.

Obscure Q Posts

The Storm Is Upon Us...
In Q Post #55, Q told us to watch Twitter for a tweet stating exactly this: "My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us......." which includes seven decimals. What does this mean? Well, firstly, when this tweet occurs, the major activities against the Cabal will become widely publicly known. Is there a meaning to the seven decimals? I am not sure, but there may be since everything has meaning in a Q post. Also note, Q does NOT say the tweet will come from Trump, though that is the general consensus, and thus the tweet could come from Scavino, Don Jr, General Flynn, or any other high profile Twitter account.

What is "Black Eye"
In Q Post #2615, Q refers to a "black eye" protecting the United States. Research on this is very difficult, but not impossible. The "black eye" is an US Air Force anti-EMP orbital platform. An entry in the July 13, 1972 New Scientist (click here) explains a bit about it. Also, the X22 Report video for August 12, 2020 (click here) discusses the "black eye" beginning at the 30 minute mark.

What is "Project Looking Glass"
In Q Post #3585, Q refers to "Project Looking Glass". This is a very curious and singular post. No other Q posts have any reference to this matter.

Given that "Project Looking Glass" is a huge analytical matter all unto itself, I have created a separate page (here) to focus exclusively on that topic. It is a massive "rabbit hole", so to speak, and by fully investigating the topic, one will be significantly affected by it. This is an amazing example of how Q can drop a single, three-word statement and expose the world to a massive subject of significance. Three words in a single post out of over 4,500 posts... amazing!
Click here to examine "Project Looking Glass"

(((Coming Soon: Trump Card)))

Many times, people who are new to Q ask where they should begin.

As with most things, I believe the best place to begin is at the beginning, so let's start with the very first Q post on October 28, 2017. (NOTE: How do we know it is the first post? Trip-code. Do a separate research on the chan/kun board trip-code mechanism to understand. Also, you can gain an understanding from the Ultimate Q Proofs Part 1 video.)

Q post number 1 was a post of a nested non-Q post.

The nested non-Q portion was as follows: Hillary Clinton will be arrested between 7:45 AM - 8:30 AM EST on Monday - the morning on Oct 30, 2017.

The Q post was as follows: HRC extradition already in motion effective yesterday with several countries in case of cross border run. Passport approved to be flagged effective 10/30 @ 12:01am. Expect massive riots organized in defiance and others fleeing the US to occur. US M’s will conduct the operation while NG activated. Proof check: Locate a NG member and ask if activated for duty 10/30 across most major cities.

Obviously, this post caught the attention of a number of people, many of whom would from that moment forward "follow" the anonymous poster who later designates himself as "Q".

Being only a few days before the October 30, 2017 date, there was obviously intense interest in what may be about to happen. But it is important to note that Q's anonymous first post DID NOT say Hillary would be arrested and DID NOT include the year 2017 as did the nested post. For those not practicing obnosis, they see the effective 10/30 @ 12:01am statement and assume it is equivalent to the nested post of the morning on Oct 30, 2017.

So with Q's VERY FIRST POST, erroneous "reports" of Q's posts began, and that same error regarding this first post (and many other posts) has continued to this very day (presently August 27, 2020), wherein the MSM is claiming that Q falsely predicted Hillary's arrest on 10/30/2017, yet that is not at all what Q did in post number 1.

Right off the bat we have misunderstanding because of a failure to operate under the principle of obnosis, a failure to take the time to research thoroughly while applying logic and critical thinking, and the modern preference for living according to the latest sound-bite.

Okay, so now that we know Q only gave a month and day, without giving a year, what does this mean? Well there are four possibilities.

  1. It is October 30 in a different year, and since the passport flagging did not "publicly" occur in the years 2017, 2018, or 2019, then it must be in 2020 or later.
  2. The passport flagging occurred but was not made public (not likely since post number 1 indicates associated actions and thus the flagging most likely would have been a publicly known incident).
  3. It is actually NOT going to occur on October 30 because that is disinformation given by Q to confuse the Cabal. (NOTE: Q has stated a few times that disinformation is necessary.)
  4. It is actually a DIFFERENT DATE than October 30 but it corresponds to the 10/30 spoke of the "Q CLOCK".

What I Believe Q Has Revealed
This is my own personal perspective developed (beyond
Obnosis) with my own biases and Christian principles, and
incorporates 30 years of study and research, an
understanding of many different religions, and an
analysis of Q revelations coinciding with political and
mainstream and alternative media news events.

I think that Q has shown us the following and that with Q's revelation we can understand what has been happening historically (last and current centuries), what is happening in the year 2020, and what will ultimately come forth.

My Q Perspective
Since before the dawn of the 20th century, powerful families (some use the term "bloodlines") have controlled the international banking systems and the peoples of nations, installing puppets in the power positions of governments.

The United States has always been a problem for these powerful families (hereinafter referred to as the Cabal) due to its ingenious design by the founding fathers of the nation. America distrusted people with power and therefore created a difficult system for consolidation of power, ultimately reserving power to the people and ensuring they retained that power by being armed and able to resist efforts toward tyranny.

With the advent of Marxist and Maoist Communism, the Cabal succeeded in gaining control of the power structures in America and immediately established a central banking feature despised by the founding fathers while also advancing puppet leaders into the legislative and administrative functions, thereby ensuring success in installing like-minded jurists in the judiciary. The expansion of the United States Supreme Court was a further step taken to wrest control of the judiciary and was wildly successful.

Wars were initiated (as has historically ALWAYS been done) to ensure division and death while spurring deficit spending and massive interest into the pockets of those funding both sides of international conflicts. Further, economic contractions were implemented to confiscate accumulated wealth and then restart the cycle of spending and interest. Taxation and interest conceal the appropriation to the Cabal and various international institutions constructed with complicated organizational and ownership structures further ensured secret transfers of wealth and money laundering.

New programs of global surveillance were initiated many decades past to begin the process of exerting greater control over the people those services were supposed to protect. Emerging, albeit secretly, from those surveillance agencies were programs to ensure widespread acceptance of disinformation and to discredit critical thinkers who questioned the narratives of the day. Historically, intellectuals and academics were killed for their resistance to adhere to the deceptive goals of the Cabal, thus infiltration of education was necessary to create a new society of "intellectuals" who have no real understanding of accurate human history, much less the ability to critically think and expose the Cabal and its objectives.

Additionally, agencies used blackmail to gain even more control over politicians and media (both Hollywood and the many news outlets) and even began grooming or training operatives to infiltrate corporations and other structures not yet under Cabal control.

In the 20th century, some attempted to correct this serious concern, but without adequate power to succeed. John F Kennedy was killed for his attempts to wrest back control of the central bank to the people of the United States of America as well as for his efforts to expose the Cabal and break their control over the nation. Ronald Reagan also aspired to correct some of these issues but was effectively sidelined by a near assassination in the 1980s.

Toward the end of the 20th century, select Patriots in the military recognized the inevitable destruction planned for America and began to formulate a plan. They knew there were only two options: either a coup d'etat or a legitimate win of the Presidency with a means of wresting control from the Cabal in the other structures of power.

Donald Trump was selected by this coalition of military personnel and civilians (the "Patriots") to be the chief executive face of this operation to safe the American Republic. The plan was to win the Presidency legitimately and ensure sufficient control of the Senate (where the judiciary appointments are approved) while simultaneously taking control of the clandestine services and turning the accumulated surveillance against the Cabal.

Simultaneously, a back-channel of communication would be initiated to directly contradict the narrative of the CIA controlled mainstream media outlets. This back-channel would be used to disseminate information to the people while spurring a global awakening that would reverse the control over the populace the Cabal had spend decades creating.

With this back-channel established, the secrets of the Cabal would be revealed including the worship of ancient demon-gods and the human sacrifice hidden from public view. This would cause the public to research and learn of the despicable acts of child torture, adrenochrome (adrenalinized blood) vampirism, child and human sacrifice, cannibalism, and extensive murder practiced around the globe.

While this information had been "out there" for decades, the Cabal-controlled CIA had dismissed it as "conspiracy theories" and had succeeded in furthering the deception with the complicity of the mainstream media they now controlled.

But the Patriots would expose them and their evil. The Clinton Foundation's trafficking of children and the Saudi Arabian connection to child sexual abuse would be exposed in back-channel drops. Pointers would help Anons research and find publicly available evidence supporting these claims and where classified materials documented these practices, declassifications would begin.

Ultimately, the American people, even the whole world, would learn that Barack Hussein Obama and the Clintons (under the control of George Soros and other powerful families, aggregated as the Cabal) were intentionally rapidly expanding the acceptance of deviant sexuality and pedophilia while planning for the ultimate end of the United States of America as founded.

Obama was to weaken the nation and Hillary was to ensure a global conflict wherein nuclear weapons would break America. The Uranium One deal was to provide the nuclear material to fake an attack on the United States and cause a global war with Russia and North Korea. This was modeled on the same premise as the movie The Sum of All Fears and was intended to cripple the American Republic and remove all global powers so that the Chinese Communist system would be the sole remaining global power.

What is the Q Clock you ask?

Well that is a very complicated question requiring extensive research and analysis beyond the scope of this one, albeit massive, page.

Do you now see why I started this page by writing that it is not a simple thing but rather a deep dive into a complicated matter? Do you also see why the sound-bite media is completely unreliable as a source of knowledge for any of the topics associated with the Q Movement?

As for the clock, Q has warned about the errors that can occur in "predictive" efforts (possibly a part of the subject of this post). Suffice it to say that the Q clock is a mechanism of associating dates on the same or mirrored spoke of the clock wheel. In essence, it is a marker of matching or alternative / mirrored codes for posted codes in Q posts, as well as other NON-Q posts (such as a Tweet by President Trump at a specific timestamp or marker on a spoke of the clock), many of which have been identified after the fact by QAnons and posted in various social media platforms. Research it for yourself. It is a challenging and fascinating study all unto itself. (Later, I will have a link for my perspective on the Q clock, but for now I am focusing on this one massive page.)

So let's go back to the first post again. What is the point of the post?

Forget the dates for a moment. What is the post telling us?

Q's first post tells us that Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) will have her passport approved to be flagged. It does NOT say she will be arrested, but it does say that upon her (assumed to be publicly disclosed) passport approved for flagging and also a US Marshals operation (doing what? Not explained in this post), massive riots will be unleashed across the country resulting in the mobilization (already planned) of the National Guard, and others will attempt to flee the country. Q also tells us that National Guard members are (or will be) already informed of their activation on a particular day for deployment within major cities. Of course, we "naturally assume" that means cities inside the United States, but that is not stated by Q, so let's not assume it based on this one post.

Let me ask you a question. What occurred on or about 10/30/2017? Well, very interestingly, Saudi Arabia began a purge on November 4, 2017. We can probably reasonably assume that was planned in advance. We can probably also reasonably assume that it was a closely guarded secret. So, does this have anything to do with Q's first post?

Yes, I believe it does (stepping beyond "obnosis"), but that determination is based upon a logical deduction. How so? Because of many subsequent Q posts that tie Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and Saudi Arabia together. Here we go beyond obnosis and try to connect dots. What dots?

Well it is difficult to see the connections between Nashville Tennessee, Birmingham Alabama, and Louisville Kentucky without having a reference to a map. If one had no idea there was an interstate highway connecting the cities, there would be no connection in that person's mind. However with a map, one can readily recognize that US Interstate #65 allows a traveler to access any of those three cities in a single numbered road.

The same is true for Q posts. It is not any one single post, rather it is the Q MAP that one must reference. This is why Q has hundreds of times told the Anons to reread the "crumbs" (Q refers to his posts as "crumbs" with which the Anons may "bake bread") and update the Q map. This is also why Q has hundreds of times wrote "future proves past" because sometimes it is only with hindsight that one has a clear vision of what was posted (consistent with the colloquial idiom "hindsight is 20/20").

So at this point rather than trying to interpret the first post singularly, I recommend that you practice obnosis as you personally read every single Q post starting with post number one, absorb them, and allow your mind USING OBNOSIS to arrange the information in a logical, critical-thinking, manner (CLICK HERE FOR AN ASCENDING PRESENTATION OF THE Q MAP). After just the first few months of Q posts, a picture will clearly begin to emerge in your mind, and you will understand the general exposition of the Q map.

Here are links to three different Q maps.
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IMPORTANT NOTE: I personally use QAlerts because it does not place interpretive headers above Q posts. (not directly linked anywhere in this page) does put headers, but those are NOT PART of the Q post, rather they are (sometimes incorrectly) interpretive additions to the Q post and because of that I never reference or link to that resource in this presentation.

The Q Message
The primary Q message is that there is an international effort (controlled by a very wealthy few, disseminated through a hierarchical structure) to destroy the United States of America as founded so as to exert global control over the people of the Earth. Further, the Q message includes:

  1. That the Cabal worship Satan, practice incredibly disgusting and evil rituals, enslave and abuse women and children, and find our liberties to be anathema to their goals.
  2. That the Cabal planned for massive destruction via limited nuclear war orchestrated to ensure the demise of the American Republic and has worked toward that objective for 140+ years.
  3. That there are a few knowledgeable Patriots fully intent on stopping the Cabal and visiting justice, if not the outright Wrath of God, upon them.

Shutting down the
survival rate

What is going on?
In the early Spring of 2020, the ENTIRE WORLD was shuttered for a virus "pandemic" that had a near zero-percent lethality rate. Why?

What if you learned that the COVID-19 virus was a man-made pathogen (genetically modified in a Wuhan China laboratory, funded by American taxpayer dollars) and was intentionally released upon the world for a secret, nefarious purpose?

On October 18, 2019, a "pandemic exercise" was held in New York City by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and was entitled "Event 201". Here is the website for that supposed exercise: CLICK HERE

There are a few extremely important things to notice about this "event".

First, the name of the event includes a graphic of the earth in the title. If you take only the text and exclude the graphic, it is "Event 2 1". Why is that important? Because it is the KEY to understanding it. The "2" and the "1" = 21, as in Agenda 21.

Second, look at the DETAILS of this "event": CLICK HERE Sound familiar? (PDF available here)

Third, terminology used with the intentional release of COVID is IDENTICAL to the language used in the Event 201 "exercise". For example, the reference to a need for a "Marshall Plan" (see the 8 minute mark of this video of the Event 201 use of such terminology, and this same video is embedded in the Event 201 website "highlights reel" here. As you can see, sure enough, this same terminology was used repeatedly during the 2020 scam reporting to scare the world (click here for one example of many).

Fourth, what is the timing of this "event"? Immediately before the intentional release of COVID-19 upon an unsuspecting world.

Then, "unrelatedly" there is the preparation of COVID-19 tests, distributed during the year 2018 by the World Bank. Which begs the question: How did they know over 1.5 years before a virus appeared, was analyzed, and then would be named COVID-19?

See this graphic of the World Bank database. Within 24 hours of this original posting, the World Bank CHANGED ITS DATASET (new graphic). Click here to see their now changed dataset on their website. But the thing about the internet is that nothing is ever gone! Here is the WAYBACK machine archive of that dataset before they changed it! But think about this: Within 24hours of it going "viral", the World Bank ordered a change to the dataset, and the change was made. That is the very definition of a "conspiracy"!! This is a CRIMINAL cover-up. When they are exposed, they LIE and HIDE THE TRUTH from the public.

So, logical deduction says: They planned for it by distributing tests in 2018 and conducting an identical (other than source country) "exercise", and upon completing the "exercise", they released it (hurriedly for other reasons) directly in China where the virus was bioengineered.

Q has had much to say about this orchestrated pandemic. You can see all posts about COVID, C19, VIRUS, or you can research on your own in one of the Q maps using your preferred map's search function.

But beyond what Q has communicated, suffice it to say the international Cabal was desperate to avoid the exposure the Q operation has been providing and the pending prosecutions the Trump administration has been preparing.

With the dismal failure of every attack against Trump and every effort to remove him, the duly elected President, the Cabal needed to somehow try to win the 2020 Election to safeguard themselves, thus they needed to destroy his economic success, eliminate his wildly energetic rallies, frighten the population of the US (by making it a global crisis and artificially inflating the death toll while also deliberately inserting the infected into nursing homes to ensure as high a death rate as possible), etc.

So, in the fall of 2019, a planned exercise morphed into a real event with a live release of exactly such a virus as the one in the exercise.

All to avoid exposure. All to avoid prosecution for treason and crimes against humanity. All to overthrow a duly elected President.

This was not a pandemic.
This was a PLANNED-demic!

What Additional Goals?
With this planned-demic, there was also a nefarious secret goal to be achieved: Mandated vaccinations!

The vaccination process was already patented, was to include chemicals aiding in population reduction, was to include a patented microchipping-form of technology, either in the injection itself or in a "mark" (brand or tattoo) confirming compliance with the mandated inoculation.

This would ensure massive wealth to the patent holder of the vaccine at $1,000 or more (paid by governments / insurance) per injection for the entire global population while also providing an unavoidable patented tracking mechanism for every human being, with a mark that would be necessary to function in society (access to grocery, business, government services, financial services and elimination of currency in favor of digital "money", etc.) which sounds eerily similar to the "mark without which one could not buy or sell" mentioned in Revelation 13:17.

You have watched this occur during the summer of 2020, yet it still seems too fantastic, no?

Sometimes you can't just "tell someone" the truth. Sometimes you must "show them" before they are willing to understand and take action to change the situation. So, let me "show you".


First: Bill Gates's Microsoft Corporation owns the tracking patent and he doesn't even hide the evil connection for the filed patent number is "2020/060606", so think: "666". View it online for yourself at this patent link and download the same PDF available here on my website. It is not a conspiracy theory if it is clearly visible right in front of your own eyes, is it?

Second: Watch this 9 minute video summarizing what you have seen and perhaps not really understood -- COVID-911

Q has informed us that the military operation presented as "Q" to the world, has extensively planned and mapped out the necessary steps to achieve the goal of utterly destroying the Cabal and shattering its goals for the enslavement of mankind.

Q had identified the individuals at the top of this pyramid of global power and detailed, often individually, their specific demise.

Trump Posting As Q+

As of 9/24/2020, Trump has personally posted as Q on 34 occasions.

Posting as "4,10,20" (D,J,T)
Post 35 (This was before the Q moniker was used on every Q post. The Q moniker began being tagged on all posts subsequent to post 60.)

Posting as Q+
Post 0791, Post 0931, Post 1028, Post 1038,
Post 1296, Post 1297, Post 1328, Post 1358,
Post 1475, Post 1491, Post 1582, Post 1645,
Post 1699, Post 1834, Post 2039, Post 2095,
Post 2119, Post 2301, Post 2308, Post 2356,
Post 2451, Post 2452, Post 2629, Post 2758,
Post 2759, Post 2885, Post 3042, Post 3074,
Post 3075, Post 3377, Post 3378, Post 3730,
Post 4095

The only other chan/kun platform post made by Trump himself was an anonymous post prior to the Q Military Intelligence drop operation commenced. That was on 7/30/2016 before the election of 2016. This is captured in the Q Proof Part 1 video beginning at this marker. Q confirmed this in Q post 2567. For the proof referenced in this matter, see these two graphics:
       Trump Post Zoomed In
       Larger "proof" graphic


18 U.S.C. §1001

18 U.S.C. §371

18 U.S.C. §2381

Continuing construction of this page

Dwight D Eisenhower warned of the international Cabal, but had no power to combat it.


See the CIA MKUltra program that is even today falsely claimed to have ended in the 1970s.

Just recently, an article at Zero Hedge provided a good summary of the MKUltra program.

John F Kennedy warned of the Cabal, attempted to combat it while directly attacking its bank (The Federal Reserve System), but had only his brother Bobby on his side. The military tried to start WW3 to stop Kennedy, but ultimately the CIA (with George Herbert Walker Bush) successfully killed Kennedy.

Ronald Reagan began to work against the Cabal but was nearly assassinated by a CIA MKUltra asset (see box at left), effectively ending his attempts to combat the Cabal.

As in the Days of Noah (being developed)


What are UFOs? Literally: "Unidentified Flying Objects".

Part 2: Much, Much More (The Invisible War)

Preface to Part 2: The Disturbing Truth
This section will be the more disturbing part of this massive page. Why? Because, while the Q movement is specifically regarding the 2016-2024 time frame (with reference to prior decades), Q does not address the future beyond the resolution of the present global takedown of the Cabal.


Understand that these people of the globalist Cabal and their cohorts in the CIA and other anti-American organizations are so desperate to avoid exposure that they are willing to release a pathogen on the world population... and they are even willing to use nuclear weapons to flatten cities and kill millions of people... just to avoid swinging at the end of a rope at GITMO.

NOTE: Evidence of a "Sum of All Fears" scenario is abundant. It is the reason that throughout 2020, the Trump administration has been conducting helo-sniffer reconnaissance all over the eastern seaboard of the United States.

Don't believe it? These search activities are continuous as the Cabal is being taken down.
Here are FOUR examples just this summer (2020):

Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4

But there is a future beyond 2024, and there is a "Plan B" that has already been devised and initiated. That plan of pure evil will be greatly disturbing to many.


Human History
Recap of Q Movement and Timing
Objective of the Nefarious
Q Removal of Cabal
Hijack of Results Following Q
Installation of an Even Greater Evil
A New 1,000 Reign (Reich)
Consolidation into a Unified Religion of Fairy Tales
Built In Factions of Distraction
Global Persecution of the Critical Thinkers
The Plains of Meggido

Imminent Fulfillment
of Biblical Prophecies

I make no prediction as to the order in
which these prophesies will be fulfilled.

Nuclear conflict
Mark of the Beast

Q says it will be BIBLICAL !!!

This is a central point of reference for our time, specifically from the year 2020 forward. The topics here are relevant, complicated, and prophetic in nature. For the uninitiated, it will be "mind blowing". I know that phrase is so often overused, since what most people preface with the phrase ends up as interesting or sometimes actually mundane, but not this time.

"Mind Blowing" -- Understanding the Mandela Effect
          a.k.a. The Hijacking of Results Following Q
Here we will be examining the strange circumstances of our day, things that just don't seem right to many people, and why those things are as they are. For this moment is about humanity's future, and the reliability of our collective memory of the past.

Why is it mind blowing? Why will it be BIBLICAL? How is it a hijacking? Buckle up.

Would you like to see a MIRACLE occur
in your lifetime? You can! Here is how!

Many people say "I would love to see a miracle" or "I would be thrilled to witness a fulfillment of prophecy in my lifetime" but then do not recognize when such an event actually does occur. In fact, there is one such event occurring without our having noticed it, that is, some have noticed, but the vast majority have not yet become aware of it. What event? The fulfillment of the prophecy of Daniel 7:25.


Daniel 7:25 (in the original unaltered KJV bible) states:
"And he shall speak great words against the Most High, and shall vex the
people of the Most High, and think to change times and laws; and they
shall be given into his hand until a time, and times, and the dividing of time."

What is CERN?

Their website states: "At an intergovernmental meeting of UNESCO in Paris in December 1951, the first resolution concerning the establishment of a European Council for Nuclear Research was adopted. Two months later, 11 countries signed an agreement establishing the provisional council – the acronym CERN was born." (see their website).

Yet is that the reason for their acronym? Consider the location and the historical significance of both the location and the name.

Lets first consider what exactly is CERN. CERN is actually an abbreviation of "Cernunnos". Click here for why that is important. Yes, the facility is named after the horned goat god of the underworld, and it is actually built on top of an ancient temple where a thousand years ago pagans worshipped dark spirits. This site was believed by the ancient pagans to be directly above the shaft leading to the abyss, from which will emerge Abaddon (in Hebrew) who is called Apollyon (in Greek) as noted in Revelation 9:11.

Now, what exactly is the purpose of CERN? The facility is designed to search for the particles that spawned our universe and to learn even more about the laws of physics, how to change or modify them, the potential energies hidden from us in the universe, etc. CERN is looking for "dark matter" and "dark energy" (this is a direct quote of one of the scientists, as can be seen in the analysis video specifically beginning at the 1 hour and 10 minute mark).

So CERN is colliding protons to release bursts of power in an effort to pierce "space/time", that is, create micro-singularities (tiny black holes) and tap into them.

Why? Curiosity? Scientific research? And for what purpose?

So what we have is a site built on top of a pagan worship site, named after the "god" those pagans worshipped, and attempting to technologically pierce space/time to access "dark matter" and "dark energy".

What does all of that mean?

In 2014, the scientific team administering the CERN large Hadron (super) Collider in Switzerland posted a video on their own YouTube channel, in celebration of their success. They called it their "Happy" video.

So, it is natural to ask, "Why are they happy?"

The DEVIL is in the details !!!

They are happy because they succeeded. They found the piece of the puzzle!

These are satanic "scientists" -- purveyors of a hybrid "science and witchcraft" -- and they are performing rituals not at all dissimilar to witchcraft spells and are attempting to pierce the veil of space and time. The CERN supercollider is a HUGE circle, just like a witchcraft ceremony which begins by drawing a circle for the conjuring ritual.

What is CERN conjuring? Using technology and "spells", the Satanists at CERN perform a hybridized scientific ritual to conjure up their gods to arise from the abyss into which they were cast by YAHWEH. Remember Daniel 7:25. They have succeeded, as was prophesied, thus on 11/3/2014, they were "HAPPY" and posted their video.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Who was the first James Bond? In the photo above, a screen grab from the "Happy" video, the guy in the office is wearing two placards. The first says "BOND#1" and the second says "MANDELA". The first James Bond was Barry Nelson (click here) and so we have the combined placards stating "Nelson Mandela" -- the very man for whom the "Mandela Effect" is named.

So they are "HAPPY" and published their cryptic, symbol-filled music video.

 CERN knows they are responsible for 
 the "Mandela Effect" because they 
 succeeded in changing "times" (history) 
 as was prophesied in Daniel 7:25. 

CERN published a 3.5 minute celebration video
The 3 minute CERN "Happy" video from 2014, filled with coded images

FULL ANALYSIS: CERN video & other related material
Here is a FULL ANALYSIS of CERN "Happy" video, the Gotthard Tunnel, etc.

Symbology and details have ALWAYS mattered. Remember the old adage: The DEVIL is in the details!

  CERN tells us this is an "American Horror Story" (click here) 

There is also a tie in to "The Days of Noah" (Click Here)


Something was left out of the ANALYSIS VIDEO that I believe is important, and that is this: WHO ARE THE TWO PLAYERS? Look at this next screen capture...

Player 1 is CERN and Player 2 is YAHWEH. Why does Player 2 have 9 points while Player 1 has 4,664 points (as of that video's publication)? Because, even though God has given Satan the power "to change times and laws", there are certain things God will not allow.

Like what? Well, suppose CERN tried to delete Jesus Christ from history. Suppose CERN tried to delete Abraham or Moses or Noah from history. Suppose CERN tried to keep the Egyptian army from dying in the Red Sea.

You see, even though God foretold in Daniel 7:25 that Satan would be given such power for a time, times, and the dividing of time, God will not allow the primary message and the overall mechanism of redemption to be changed.

God will allow Satan to pervert the message of Christ and deceive many, but God will not allow Satan to remove redemption.


Also, another thing overlooked by the ANALYSIS VIDEO is this screen capture which shows them celebrating through a vineyard.

CERN is celebrating because CERN believes it now controls the vineyard of the Lord.

The most famous use of the vineyard symbolism in the Old Testament appears in Isaiah 5, where we are told, “The vineyard of the Lord of hosts is the house of Israel.” In his “song” of the vineyard, Isaiah recalls the careful and loving treatment that the owner (God) gave to his vineyard (Israel).

Now CERN believes it can trollop through the vineyard of the Lord at will. Therefore, CERN is "HAPPY".

Why did I write "original unaltered"? Because that is part of the prophecy: The Altering of Scripture. It is a supernatural (beyond the explanation of natural laws) event occurring all around us. Let's look at the specifics of this prophecy.

He thinks "to change times and laws"
The passage above from Daniel 7:25 has never been understood throughout human history, until now. Now it all makes sense. Satan knows that people are TOO LAZY to discover the truth. But for the "Bereans" among mankind, here is the truth.

First, the one that arises will "think to change times and laws..." What does that mean? There are a number of "changes" that have occurred to our "times" (that is, our "history"). Here are just a few examples:

  • There is the change of the Leonardo da Vinci portrait of Mona Lisa to a definitive smile from the original which was always debated as to whether she was smiling.
  • There are changes to movies, such as
    • the Forrest Gump statement "Life is like a box of chocolates" (changed to "was")
    • the Field of Dreams statement "If you build it, they will come" (changed to "he", by the way, who is "he" that will come if it is built? The answer involves CERN, as you will soon see)
    • the cartoon Snow White statement "Mirror, mirror on the wall" (changed to "Magic mirror").
  • There are changes to the names of people, such as Sally Fields who is now, and always has been, called Sally Field (click here and stop at the 9 second mark, then reconcile it in your own mind)
  • There are even changes to people's historical death, such as Nelson Mandela's death in prison during the 1980s which now it seems never occurred, but instead he left prison in the 1990s and became President of South Africa before finally dying in the 2010s (not linked because it is the reason this effect has a name!!!).

Confused? Yes, so are MILLIONS OF PEOPLE around the entire world. Yet it is a fact, and it even has a name. It is named after Nelson Mandela. It is called, "THE MANDELA EFFECT". Some people dismiss it as "mis-remembering" and they consider this entire affair to be non-sense, foolish, and a simple error in our COLLECTIVE memories. Is that all it is? Do we -- MILLIONS OF US WITH THE SAME MEMORIES -- simply "mis-remember"? Or is there something more to this matter.

And why these changes? Is there a clue to the changes themselves?

Let's look at the 3 movie examples I gave:

  1. Life WAS like a box of chocolates
    This is telling us, life WAS wonderful, but not any more.
             And why is that?
  2. If you build it HE will come
    If you build the CERN supercollider, the demon will arise out of the abyss.
             Who is "he" and how is that achieved?
  3. MAGIC mirror on the wall
    By MAGICALLY piercing the veil, seeing through, and magically conjuring up their god Cernunnos (also known as Abaddon in Hebrew and Apollyon in Greek, see Revelation 9:11).

Remember the words of Daniel 7:25. "And he shall speak great words against the Most High, and shall vex the people of the Most High, and think to change times and laws; and they shall be given into his hand until a time, and times, and the dividing of time."

You see, the altering of scripture is a supernatural (beyond the explanation of natural laws) event occurring all around us. That is the "change ... and laws" part of the prophecy. Changes to the Bible -- the recorded "laws of God" according to Judeo-Christian faith systems.

What kind of changes are occurring in the Bible? A great many of them, and some people have been very thorough in examining these changes. I could list many hundreds I have personally seen, but instead, I think a series of videos in order would be more beneficial and logically arranged for a full concept to be understood. Then you can go and do more research on your own, as did I.

Here is my suggested viewing order for understanding these changes in scripture:

  1. This series of videos and "original residual" texts first
  2. This video second
  3. This video third

After reviewing just those three links, then I recommend seriously examining the column at right entitled "What is CERN?"

From those items, you should have ample evidence to understand WHAT is happening and WHY. The HOW is explained in the CERN analysis, though because it is highly technical (on the scientific side) and highly occultic (on the spiritual side, not truly understood by many people), the HOW is more difficult to understand. What really matters though is WHAT is happening and WHY. "WHAT" is answered in the fulfillment of Daniel 7:25. WHY is answered in Amos 8:11 which says, "The days are coming," declares the Sovereign LORD, "when I will send a famine through the land-- not a famine of food or a thirst for water, but a famine of hearing the words of the LORD."

We are living through a miraculous event. Remember I began by asking how many people say they would love to see a miracle in their lifetime.

Well here it is, in all its horror... for what it tells us is that a terrible thing is very nearly upon us.


How is this being accomplished?
Primarily by the piercing of time and space. See the extensive discussion of CERN in the column at right. Somehow, by "piercing the veil" of time, spells and incantations of both occultic and scientific means are changing moments in the past.

In the changes of scripture, one must consider the source. For example, if I wanted to change everything that came off of a certain printing press, I would only need to change the original imprint and then all things produced off of that imprint would be changed. If there are ten printing presses, the same change must be effected on all ten for all production of those ten to have been changed. This is a very meticulous process, since in all of history, thousands of presses have been employed.

To change a Bible that was printed 250 years ago, I would have to change the press that printed that particular Bible, then everything that was produced by that press, and everything that was produced as a result of that press have printed the Bible (i.e. derivative sermons, copies, pictures, etc.) would all be changed. So the source must be changed, and to achieve this, the very source of all would be the original manuscripts which were hand written and transcribed by Scribes.

That is detailed, meticulous work, and is the reason the changes take so long to achieve.

Why is the King James most assaulted?
That is actually easy to understand. Assault the largest quantity. On the planet, there are more KJVs than any other translation of Jewish and Christian scriptures.

So the plan of attack is multi-faceted.

  • Attack the original manuscripts
  • Heavily focus on King James (most widely available)
  • Coordinate key scriptures across all platforms (translations), as has been done, for example, in Isaiah 11:6 to ensure EVERYONE knows the wolf is among us.

What is next?
The assault on the Bible (all translations) is continuing. The objective is to eventually achieve a book of fairy tales that will undergird a new, syncretic religion of a false messiah.

This false messiah will have scriptures justifying the murder of Christians who will not accept the false religion (evidenced by Luke 19:27 justifying this action and making it very easy to merge with the violent teachings of Islam), and which will incorporate fictional characters (unicorn in stead of ox, dancing Satyrs, and other dragons and mythical creatures) so as to make this a new religion of fairy tales, merging the various religions into one which will be the basis for the false messiah's reign and justification for his murdering millions of human beings for their refusal to submit.

I have written about this further up this page in the Plan A and Plan B column which explains that Plan B is the hijack. This section of seeing a "MIRACLE occur in your lifetime" is to explain how the Plan B hijacking will be supported with a revised Bible, claiming that it has ALWAYS been that way and the false messiah is fulfilling the altered prophesies of his arrival and reign on the Earth.

How do we know the timing is imminent?

3 periods of 2056 = 6168
Calendaring modifications

Election Day 2020+1 Day, and Beyond

This preface was written on September 13, 2020. I include this because there are certain events that Q has predicted for election day and one day after election day. As will be seen, these events will occur as predicted.

Q Posts

For an election day report, visit my news page by clicking here.

Additional election day+1 reporting available here
and day+2 is available here.

Q Post 3957 revealed that before the election, there would be an attempt to remove Trump's social media accounts. It also revealed that the Drudge Report (historically a conservative website that suddenly, without explanation, changed to anti-Trump early in the year 2020) was sold to foreign interests with a non-disclosure agreement in effect until 11/4/2020.

Q Post 4635 revealed riots and Q Post 4587 revealed a zero-day attempt to attack the US power grid to delay the results of the election. Q Post 4644 revealed a planned media blackout to confuse the public regarding the election results.

Q Post 4537 and Q Post 4587 revealed that the COVID-19 scam-demic and the associated rioting and insurgency would end on 11/4/2020. Additional related posts on the COVID scam and the insurgency include 3918, 4294, and 4325.


Below here will be events subsequent to the November 3rd Election of 2020. The compilation above is about everything of significance revealed by Q in the years leading up to the election. The events noted below will be regarding matters that began on or after 11/3/2020.


The Election Results of November 3, 2020

Chaos on Election Day

Rioting and Chaos Following Election Day

The Drudge Report
The Drudge Report has for decades been an historically conservative website that was widely, even globally, viewed for a contrary-to-mainstream-media perspective on local, national, and international events. Suddenly, and without explanation, the Drudge Report began 2020 with a decidedly anti-Trump bent. Further, it began ignoring news that would have historically been large-font headers, and it began parroting the obviously radically-left leaning Mockingbird mainstream media. This stunned many people and conservatives lamented the loss of a reliable source of honest news. That lament resulted in Q revealing what no-one other than an insider or government intelligence asset would have known. Q Post 3957 revealed that the Drudge Report was sold to foreign interests with a non-disclosure agreement in effect until 11/4/2020.