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Wrong Target in School Shootings
For the attack on the NRA, click here.

In reality, school shootings have been on the DECREASE over the last 30 years. In fact, even NPR (the super-left-leaning public radio broadcaster) acknowledges this fact.

But that does not fit with the media hysteria. Instead, the media and the "progressive" agenda is designed to re-start a "gun control" effort. Having seen nationwide expansion of gun ownership, right-to-carry, and liberalization of gun laws, the "progressives" have become unhinged and their media cohorts have sensationalized incredibly rare tragedies. Even the NRA has been accused of "killing people" (as recently as Saturday 12/8/2018 on FoxNews Channel by a "progressive" contributor), though the organization has NEVER done such and none of the perpetrators of sensationalized shootings have been members of the NRA. But to the "progressives", facts don't matter.

Back to Basics
God is right... His word will guard us from evil and pain if we follow Him. The alternative choices have alternative results and consequences. I hope everyone sees that sooner rather than later.

Regardless of which path one chooses, God loves you. You can easily receive blessing and joy with the right choices. And my hope for my daughters has always been for the best and most blessed, because I love them both and I have always tried to do right by them.

So now, to the Universe I say, there is only One God, and I will live my life for Him, from this day forward, AMEN!

I have begun a significant implementation of a complete reorganization of this website. Business and personal sections are being compiled within the new structure and updated/revised from various previous iterations. Personal sections will include philosophical, political, and family interest areas.

Beginning 2016...
I sold my CPA practice in Smyrna TN in the summer of 2015 to Joel Parks, a CPA a really great guy. I know he will provide excellent service to the clients served by the Smyrna office. The end of 2015 and the whole of 2016 was a time of transition for me to Lake Cherokee in east Tennessee. I have been introducing myself to many businesses and individuals in the Lake Cherokee area. In 2017 I acquired a number of new monthly clients for payroll and ledger accounting. I am eager to significantly add to that number of clients this year as well.

I have also selected Arrowhead Church to be my church home in the Cherokee Lake area. The church is in Morristown on Hwy 160 (by-pass).

Gypsy Belladonna
I also have the great joy of a wonderful companion, Gypsy Belladonna, the Precious Aww! She is so sweet. I never thought any dog could have been sweeter than Maggie, but Gypsy has proven to be the most devoted and loving animal I have ever known. To my surprise, I realize the media hype about Pit Bulls is total bull.

Welcome Scalia Antonia, Molly, & Kink
On Valentine's Day, the day after the untimely death of US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, Gypsy Belladonna and I welcomed a 2.5 month old rescued puppy into our home. This little girl we named Scalia Antonia to honor the late Justice Scalia. She has immediately become a joy.

Gypsy is of course the Lady of the House and her mothering nature was rekindled and Gypsy's "cabin fever" from the last few months of cold weather has been supplanted by hours and hours of non-stop play. This is good because the Belladonna has put on a few too many pounds. I am sure her love-handles will disappear very soon with the increased activity that Scalia has brought to our home.

I also welcomed Molly, a beautiful and sweet black boxer mix. When I first saw her, she was skin and bone having been rescued from a terrible condition, and she was crying in her pen at the shelter. I have never heard a dog cry before, so this pitiful, wailing cry from this dog was heartbreaking.

I also welcomed Kink. She is a newborn Blue Heeler (known as an Australian Cattle Dog with the Blue Merle gene) mixed with Chihuahua. She is a sweet and fun young girl.

Alexandra's Scarlett (Luna)
For Alexandra's birthday in 2016, I got a Beagle-Jack Russell mix puppy. She is incredibly sweet. I am keeping her here at the lake for a number of months while Alexandra works and travels. Luna has lots of play now with Kink, Scalia, Molly, and Gypsy.

Sections Being Developed
Presently, I am consolidating many of my previous writings regarding my Judeo-Christian world-view. These are being added on my Judeo-Christian Faith page.

Additionally, I have added a series of links to videos of deeply moving moments of worship.

These links inspire and give us a glimpse into an eternity that awaits all who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Praise Him!

Additionally, I will re-incorporate items from earlier versions, including my 2008 warnings about the idiot who spent eight years in the White House destroying our nation, the terror-monger and lying Muslim Barack Hussein Obama who has done exactly as he promised to fundamentally destroy the conservative principles upon which our nation was established.

Also, I have already included many of the other topics from past versions of this site including analysis of history, analysis of communism, discussions of the nature of money, etc.


Next paragraph coming soon...


Why Firearms?

  The matter of firearms freedom is  
  indicative of overall human liberty. 

Why? When you consider the "agenda" of those who wish to restrict or eliminate firearms, it is obvious that the overall agenda usually advocates for restrictions of MOST individual liberties. For example, when one considers the following topics and notices the "conservative" and "liberal/progressive" perspective, it is obvious that human liberty is CONSISTENTLY found on the pro-firearms side:

Liberal / Progressive Agenda
(the LEFT)

  • Restrict Firearms
  • Pro-Abortion
  • Big Government
  • Sexual & Gender Dysphoria
  • Radical Feminism
  • Anti-Judeo/Christian
  • Speech Restrictions
  • Media hysteria
  • Communist Principles
  • Emotional Reasoning
  • Demands for "change"
  • Revolutionary
  • Historical Revisionism

Conservative Agenda
(the RIGHT)

  • Pro-2nd Amendment
  • Pro-Life
  • Limited Government
  • Sexual & Gender Natural Order
  • Natural Gender Roles
  • Judeo/Christian Ethic
  • Free Speech
  • Media Integrity
  • Fair Capitalist Principles
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Rule of Law / Stability
  • Maintain and Build
  • Historical Integrity

While generalizations always contain exceptions, the above comparison is legitimate (as is the observation of the Ecclesiastical writer). Upon consideration, using logic and intellectually integrity, it is obvious that one's position on firearms is generally indicative of one's positions on the various matters affecting the whole of life.

Eccl 10:2 -- The heart of the wise inclines to
the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.



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Family Interests


Burney Name
& Family Crest

  Family Websites: Wright Cemetery
  Remembering: Corey Hendrix
                            Martha McClure
Mattie Lou Smith

  Pets: Gypsy, Scalia, Buddy, Darla, Luna,
Maggie, Other Past Pets

Political Interests

February 24, 2018: The NRA is being attacked voraciously by the radical left, funded by George Soros' Center for American Progress through it's Think Progress propaganda.

After the Florida school shooting, and despite clear failures with the FBI and the cowards of Broward County Sheriff's Department (ignored multiple warnings and during the incident had multiple officers on-site who would not even enter the facility to confront the gunman), the Democrats, Media, and multiple anti-gun leftist groups (most funded directly by George Soros) have launched a vicious, unrelenting attack on the National Rifle Association even falsely reporting through the AP wire that the NRA trained the gunman in marksmanship and methods of killing people. This disgusting lie is being "shared" all over social media and parroted by far left news media.

The truth is that
For years the Nation Rifle Association has offered, yes even FREE OF CHARGE, an exemplary school security program entitled National School Shield  to every school in America, and also provides the ONLY gun safety program for children nation-wide, Eddie Eagle, something all other misnamed "gun safety" organizations NEVER offer. "Everytown for Gun Safety" has NOT A SINGLE gun safety program. Neither does the "Million Moms" and whatever new confusing name they now choose to obfuscate their true intent. The fact that they are always changing their names to new DECEPTIVE organizational names tells all of us that they are completely untrustworthy and intentionally trying to deceive the American people. Now, many companies are cowering before a radical, loud-mouthed, ANTI-AMERICAN LIE perpetuated by the leftists and by George Soros funded organizations. READ MORE HERE

America's Culture War
Click here for a full analysis of the cultural war for the soul of America.

Click Here for The Presidents of
the United States of America

Rescue a Dog and Give It a Loving, Forever Home

Genuine Love: Save a Dog
There are well over 250,000 dogs in the US in desperate need of a loving, forever home. Please adopt.

There are many ways of determining whether someone loves God and whether they are righteous. Solomon mentions one way in Proverbs 12:10

     The righteous care for the needs of
     their animals, but the kindest acts of
     the wicked are cruel.

Choose to give life to an animal in need.

You may not change the whole world, but you will change THEIR whole world.

The Truth About Pit Bulls

I had a negative view of Pit Bulls as most people do, until I met a few. Every single Pit Bull I have met has been incredibly sweet and playful, never ferocious. Finally I realized that the negative reports on TV news are the reason for such a misperception. Pit Bull attacks are actually extremely rare and occur because of the evil people who have treated their animals so wrongly. Read this for a better understanding of this misunderstood breed:

The Truth About Pit Bulls
FAQ: Pit Bull Myths


This is a REAL man!

When a man loves a dog, it is a testament to his masculinity. Real men love dogs. Cowards hurt them. Evil men abuse them. Depraved men fight them. But the real, masculine man is loving and kind to all, including animals.

Take the time to love a dog. The reward is greater than words can describe.

Website:    Adoption

For those who can't adopt, donate a small amount monthly to a rescue and sheltering organization. So many are poorly funded, including Grainger County Humane Society where I found Scalia Antonia and Anissa's Velvet Molly. Here are a few rescue organizations:

Rescue from the Hart
Grainger Co Humane Soc
America's Dog
NYC Second Chance
Rescue A Dog
and so many more...

There are many good organizations out there, but NOT the Humane Society of the United States. Most "Humane Societies" are devoted to helping animals and spend all of their money directly in that effort, but that is not the case with the HSUS. That organization has an alternative agenda and gives almost nothing of its receipts to animal shelters. Here is a "watch group" report Exposing the HSUS.

Does Christian Charity Include Animal Shelters?
Why not? Personally, I believe those who truly love the Lord also love His entire creation. In addition to tithes and offerings, I also believe that alms are a natural outpouring of the Christian heart to those in need. Feeding children, sponsoring villages ravaged by conflict and disasters, aiding the homeless, visiting widows and orphans... and yes, also helping animals.

Search your heart, for if you chose to help any of these in need, including animals, you could make a difference for only a few dollars per month -- the price of just one Starbucks coffee! Would you be willing to skip one meal (that is called "fasting") or one coffee per month to help others bring life to those people and animals desperately needing food, medical treatment, and homes?

Tithe, of course, to your church. Make offerings to your church for special projects (such as missions, building debt retirement, etc.). And be even more generous...

Look for opportunities to help others, and remember that what is done in secret is remembered by our Creator (Matthew 6:2-4) and what you give to the poor, God considers it to be a loan from you to Him (Proverbs 19:17).

This area is still being developed.
Keep checking back.


This area is still being developed.
Keep checking back.


This area is still being developed.
Keep checking back.


This area is still being developed.
Keep checking back.


Music: The King is Among Us          Agnus Dei
            I Can Only Imagine              

            Praise You In This Storm     Forever!
Andy Griffith Waiting on a Woman

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The Socialist Advance in America

The destructive wake of the Obama efforts to "fundamentally transform America" is continuing to have disastrous effects on our society. All conservative and advocates of historical accuracy are under attack, including most recently the National Rifle Association (click here) after this month's publication of an article in their America's First Freedom magazine about this very matter.

Eccl 10:2 -- The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.

Left vs. Right

This originates in Matthew 25:33 and actually is the basis for what has evolved into our political parties of the 21st Century.

In Renaissance France, the "progressives" of that time de-christianized France and went so far as to reject faith in God and intentionally chose the "left" side of the government chamber where legislation was determined, doing so as a statement of rejecting Christian faith.

Since that time, the "left" and "right" designations have evolved, but the foundation of a matter is important. The Renaissance -- the supposed "Great Enlightenment" -- was a work of Satan, for in his once being the light-bearer or morning star of God (Lucifer), he now "enlightened" mankind to reject God. And what followed? Atheistic science and the lie of evolution, along with a degradation of humanity, and demoralization of art and music.

So when someone chooses the "left" position on a matter of discussion (such as with the political parties of our nation), one is choosing intentionally, though perhaps in ignorance of the full reality of the choice. And when one looks at the platforms of this distinction, one can easily see where the larger view of the "left" continues to reject God and the larger view of the "right" continues to embrace God.

Being imperfect, we all fail in honoring God's Law and sometimes find ourselves on the "left" or "right" of specific topics, but an intellectually honest evaluation of such broad platforms clearly shows the distinction between "left" and "right", between "goats" and "sheep", between those who seek God's design in our world and those who do not.

Are there honest believers who love God on the "left"? Sure, but one must wonder, Why? Because Satan deceives the whole world! Remember that he is a master of disguise.









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