Scalia Antonia

The righteous care for the needs of their animals, but the
kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.
Proverbs 12:10

Watch this video: Save an animal. It is worth it!

Mix of Rhodesian Ridgeback and Boxer
Born: November 29, 2015
-- Home Again Chip#985112006055871

I have adopted this little brown puppy (photo at left) at the age of 2.5 months on Valentine's Day 2016 from the Grainger County Humane Society, a small and poorly funded animal shelter. Apparently a black and white Border Collie & Bird Dog mix (photo at right) was rescued while pregnant and this little puppy was the "runt" of the litter, having some difficulty after birth. The black and white mother gave birth to all brown dogs so the father had to be a Rhodesian Ridgeback Boxer mix providing the dominant genes.

But now, at her very young age, she is playful and energetic. She also plays rather aggressively with Gypsy, and has no fear of "fighting" over a raw hide twist with the Belladonna. Gypsy immediately took to her and has started teaching her not only how to play, but how to fight for a bone or food, how to roughhouse with a toy and dig out the stuffing, how to work a chew stick with her back teeth, how to wrestle, how to fight her way out of a corner, and how to chase after a dog that steals her rawhide or food. It is amazing to watch, and I realized she is teaching this little puppy survival skills, and doing so in an aggressive but loving way. Amazing!

In Honor of Antonin Scalia
Associate Justice, Supreme Court
of the United States of America

Justice Scalia was murdered by Obama-affiliated operatives on Saturday, 13 February 2016. This great legal intellect has been lost and in memory of his service to our nation, I named this little puppy after him.

Being a rescue dog, I have a special affinity for this little puppy. She is loving and eager. The connection that she has made with the Lady of the House (Gypsy) has been immediate and incredibly sweet, and the Belladonna is known for historically mothering not only puppies but also kittens and even chickens!

Videos: First Video | Second Video | Third Video

Photo Gallery of Scalia Antonia
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Valentine's Day 2016

Settling In

Sleeping So Sweetly

With Her New Mommy
This is precious aww!

Nap Time


Me, The Lady of the
House and Our Puppy

Rest After Play

Scalia Loves Her
Oversized Pen

Another Morning Nap


More Packnapping

Under the Afghan

Such a pretty little girl

Gypsy also has repeatedly gone to check on Scalia when I have put the puppy in the large pen for some nap/quiet time. Gypsy will often lay on the floor in front of the pen looking at Scalia and will wait there until I let the puppy out. The mothering instinct that was always so strong in the Belladonna is fully present in her behaviors now that Scalia has joined the household.

As Scalia grows over the next few months, she will be a wonderful addition, and I know she will provide Gypsy with plenty of activity!

More will be coming soon...





There are so many animals that need homes with loving people,
so please don't buy from a breeder, rather find and
give a loving, forever home to a sheltered dog.

This is a non-profit animal
rescue organization. So many
animals and so much evil in
the world... if everyone would
find a way to support those
who bring life to the dead, this
world would be less painful.

Foster and adopt a rescued dog.
You may not change the whole world, but
you will certainly change THEIR whole world!

Watch this video to see
an astounding recovery
of a sweet dog starved
nearly to death.

Having grown up with
Poodles and having
rescued one in the early
1990s, seeing this video
brings a tear for sure...