Photo made for Barry Burney
for Valentine's Day 1990



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Betty's Golden Maggie

Hi! I am a Yorkshire Terrier, often referred to as a Yorkie. I was born on August 31, 1989 in litter number TM481487 and was officially named Betty's Golden Maggie (TD169214).

My father was Star-Moor's Gold Dust (TD057461) and my mother was Beth's Rag-A-Muffin (TC625485). Although my brothers and sisters never grew to more than 8 or 9 pounds, I weigh in at a whopping 12 pounds (although rather lean if I do say so myself!).

My favorite activities are laying around all day, watching uprights as they go by walking my neighbors down the sidewalk, eating, playing with the uprights in my house, and chewing on pre-packaged dog sticks bought at the local grocery store.

Hannah's Song
for Maggie

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 Song to Maggie

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Born: August 31, 1989 
Died: July 26, 2004

Maggie was buried at the lake house where she loved to roam. For many years we would take her to the lake and she would run free and find all kinds of stinky things in which to roll around. She was truly a good friend to many of us and for me personally was a source of joy during both good times and difficult times.

She lived with Barry and Betty for the first three years of her life, and then with me for rest of her life. The last few months, she returned to Barry and Betty due to my travel schedule and Diane's allergies. We had sold our house in Nashville and really did not have room in the temporary apartment, so she stayed with Barry and Betty for the last four months of her life. It was sad to see her age affect her.

We all remember how she loved to play with her food before eating, how she wiggled her tail when someone approached her, and how she grunted when she wanted to go outside. Hannah and Alexandra had taught her years ago how to sit on her hind legs to take a dog biscuit.

She was so personable and gentle. And for a Yorkie, she never yapped and almost never barked, which was surprising. She was loved by everyone in the family. She will truly be missed.

   Maggie has been buried at the lake in the
   flowerbed under the white dogwood tree.

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