Gypsy Belladonna, the Precious Aww!

The righteous care for the needs of their animals, but the
kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.
Proverbs 12:10

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Colby American Staffordshire Terrier
Born: October 31, 2006

 PASSED: JUNE 24, 2020

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11 February 2016
Since Maggie's death in 2004, I have not had a dog of my own. I honestly never believed any dog could be as sweet as Maggie... until I met the Belladonna.

Gypsy was 8 years old when I met her (in February 2015) and she rather quickly warmed up to me. She had been living in the country but she was kept outside most of the time and she had some health issues that were draining the life out of her.

She had two cancerous spots (low abdominal mass in one of her mammary glands and a ball of a mass tumor on her right front leg). She had already chewed one cancer mass completely out of her body from a spot on her right abdomen between her ribs and hip. She also had some parasites in her intestinal tract.

At first I thought the best I could do for her was to try to give her a better life for whatever little amount of time she had left. But in Spring of 2015 I took her to LeAnne Duffey at Southern Vet in Smyrna and after an examination and x-rays, LeAnne believed her life could be saved, so I had the two remaining cancers cut out. Fortunately those masses had not spread or attached to any bones, so the surgery was successful. With the appropriate medicines, her other problems were eliminated as well.

I then put her on a very specific diet, for in her illness she had been reduced to less than 50 pounds. Her ribs were pronounced and her waist was far too thin for her breed. Her diet was a mixture of dry small bites with Pedigree meat and Alpo lamb stew with Extra Virgin Olive Oil as "gravy". This also changed her coat from a rough, course feel to a soft, silky feel.

I have kept her on that diet now for a year (as of February 2016) and she has reach 60 pounds and she is strong and very happy now. Given the cold weather, she may actually have a few pounds of fat, but that will be burned off when the weather warms and we spend more time outside.

It seems that she somehow knows that I saved her life... at least her loving devotion is extremely pronounced at this time, far more than when she first warmed up to me. A year ago, while just starting to recover, she seemed to want to have her own space on the sofa, but now, she wants to be in constant physical contact with me at all times. I don't know to what else I could attribute such a pronounced change toward constant loving physical contact.

She will have many years of happiness and love here at the lake... and I am grateful for her total devotion. She is a wonderful companion and travels with me constantly, even just around town.

She now also has a wonderful playmate: Scalia Antonia. This bundle of energy will provide the Belladonna with years of joyful play, and some much needed exercise for burning off those love handles she has acquired over the last six months!

Videos: First Video | Second Video | Third Video

Gypsy immediately took to Scalia and has started teaching her not only how to play, but how to fight for a bone or food, how to roughhouse with a toy and dig out the stuffing, how to work a chew stick with her back teeth, how to wrestle, how to fight her way out of a corner, and how to chase after a dog that steals her rawhide or food. It is amazing to watch, and I realized she is teaching this little puppy survival skills, and doing so in an aggressive but loving way. Amazing!

Gypsy also has repeatedly gone to check on Scalia when I have put the puppy in the large pen for some nap/quiet time. Gypsy will often lay on the floor in front of the pen looking at Scalia and will wait there until I let the puppy out. The mothering instinct that was always so strong in the Belladonna is fully present in her behaviors now that Scalia has joined the household.

There are so many animals that need homes with loving people,
so please don't buy from a breeder, rather find and
give a loving, forever home to a sheltered dog.

This is a non-profit animal
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animals and so much evil in
the world... if everyone would
find a way to support those
who bring life to the dead, this
world would be less painful.

Foster and adopt a rescued dog.
You may not change the whole world, but
you will certainly change THEIR whole world!

Watch this video to see
an astounding recovery
of a sweet dog starved
nearly to death.

Having grown up with
Poodles and having
rescued one in the early
1990s, seeing this video
brings a tear for sure...

Photo Gallery of the Belladonna
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Constantly attentive
and always eager for
my hugs and kisses

She likes to hold hands
while traveling in truck


She's so precious, aww

Me, The Lady of the
House and Our Puppy