Remembering Corey Benjamin Hendrix                              (Memorial Service Link)

(click to enlarge)Born: 18 December 1982
Died: 16 February 2001

Corey was born the son of Tracy McClure in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia. His grandparents were Martha and Donnie McClure.

Soon after he was born, his mother had to return to work, and he became a joy to Jim and Wilma Burney, his great-grandparents, who helped care for him along with Tracy and other family members until Tracy and Corey moved to Dalton, Georgia where they lived for about a year.

Tracy and Corey returned to Chattanooga Valley, Georgia and lived with Robin Hughes. Robin became Corey's "second mother" and he spent time with Robin as well as Tracy even after Tracy established another home. Tracy and Robin, had been best friends since high school, and they alternated caring for Corey while Tracy worked.

(click to enlarge)When Corey was three years old, Tracy met and eventually married Ken Jaworski. Ken quickly became the only "father" Corey ever really knew. Ken was very good to Corey and Corey loved Ken. Ken felt like a father to Corey, and spent time encouraging him in sports, particularly baseball. Ken was impressed with young Corey and recognized that he was a highly intelligent young man.

When Corey was nine years old, Tracy and Ken also had a child together--a little girl named Nikki. Corey was a great "big brother" for Nikki and even became like a father to her later when Ken and Tracy separated. Corey was always there for his sister and cared for her many times when Tracy had to work. They were typical siblings but Corey felt responsible--he felt he had a supportive and protective role for Nikki. Even at an early age, Corey had accepted some responsibility--part of becoming a man.

Corey was a very tender young man. In addition to his having a special sense of his role as a brother to Nikki. He also seemed to look a little deeper into things, particularly in the music he enjoyed. Corey had a habit of learning about the musical artists and the events that shaped their music. He paid attention to the words, often calling them to his mother's attention when a song held a special meaning.

Corey always tried to do the right thing where family and responsibility were concerned. He was quick to do anything asked of him. He was careful in the way he conducted himself, careful in his driving habits, particularly when he would take his sister to see her father. He was careful to try to take care of things asked of him. He was a conscientious young man.

(click to wider image of Christmas 2000 gathering)Corey was known as a "funny guy" who made friends easily. He was known for his comedic episodes. He even occasionally stated that his "life ambition" was to be an actor--presumably in comedy.

But Corey was a student and he worked hard in school. He eventually completed high school a year early and earned a scholorship to Nashville State Technical Institute.

He decided not to go to college immediately. Instead he wanted to take a year off to enjoy and experience life while he decided what career path he would pursue. Unfortunately, he did not have a chance to further his education before his death from complications of pneumonia.

His funeral was held on 19 February 2001 in LaFayette, Georgia and he was buried in the Burney family plots in LaFayette Memory Gardens. Tracy's first cousin, James David Burney, conducted the memorial service.