The righteous care for the needs of their animals, but the
kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.
Proverbs 12:10

Watch this video: Save an animal. It is worth it!

Tennessee Treeing Brindle Hound
Born: Approximately Early February 2018
-- Home Again Chip#985121004277605

This little boy was at the Grainger County Humane Society, having been rescued from very real and painful abuse. When I met him, he had a broken hip, deep scars on his front legs, and inch-long lesions on each of his testicles. He was so afraid, but so very desperate for loving attention.

I often would go to the Grainger County pens at a friend's home and visit with the many dogs she had. I would pet them, feed them, and talk to them. On one fateful day in November 2018 I met this little boy and he, though very afraid, CHOSE ME to be his forever home. It touched my heart.

I am amazed by this little boy. In spite of severe traumatic abuse as a tiny puppy, he has such a gentle and loving, extremely playful spirit. He is constantly afraid of being hurt, so he shuns initial contact (stepping back and away) until a kind word is spoken. Then he is ALL IN for love and play!

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There are so many animals that need homes with loving people,
so please don't buy from a breeder, rather find and
give a loving, forever home to a sheltered dog.

This is a non-profit animal
rescue organization. So many
animals and so much evil in
the world... if everyone would
find a way to support those
who bring life to the dead, this
world would be less painful.

Foster and adopt a rescued dog.
You may not change the whole world, but
you will certainly change THEIR whole world!

Watch this video to see
an astounding recovery
of a sweet dog starved
nearly to death.

Having grown up with
Poodles and having
rescued one in the early
1990s, seeing this video
brings a tear for sure...