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Unified Sportsmen of Florida

I am an annual benefactor member of the Unified Sportsmen of Florida. This organization, whose Executive Director is Marion P. Hammer (previous President of the National Rifle Association) does not have a website, but has an on-line form for membership available here.

Organized in 1976, with the assistance of the National Rifle Association, Unified Sportsmen of Florida (USF) is a non-profit membership organization incorporated under the laws of Florida. Although affiliated with NRA as the Florida Legislative affiliate, USF is an independent organization which relies on membership dues and member contributions for financial support. Unified Sportsmen of Florida was organized for the purpose of protecting the firearms rights of all law-abiding firearms owners in Florida. Preserving firearms rights guaranteed in the United States and Florida Constitutions is USF's highest priority.

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USF Mailing Address:

Unified Sportsmen of Florida
PO Box 1387
Tallahassee, FL 32302-1387
(850) 222-9518

United Sportsmen of Florida led the fight and fought tirelessly for many years to pass legislation to reform Florida's oppressive concealed carry law. That landmark legislation has now become model legislation for the nation. It was USF that lead the fight to pass Florida's Preemption law that wiped out hundreds of gun control ordinances in Florida's cities and counties. And it's USF, from its full time office in Tallahassee, that has been leading the fight to defeat gun control legislation in Florida.

USF has worked to defeat gun bans of every description, registration proposals, gun owner ID card proposals, one-gun-a-month purchase limits, gun taxes, ammunition bans, ammunition taxes, hunting bans, and other restrictive gun control measures. USF is the ONLY full time organization in Florida dedicated to protecting Second Amendment rights.

As a member, you receive regular newsletters to keep you informed on issues that affect your firearms rights in Florida and provide you with Fact Sheets and other factual data on firearms issues and debate material. USF's newsletters also provide updated information on federal legislation. Legislative Alerts are rushed to you when urgent action is needed--to let you know when your rights are in jeopardy and tell you what you and your friends and fellow firearms owners can do to help. The Legislative Directory lists the names, addresses and phone numbers of all Florida state legislators and U.S. Senators and U.S. Congressmen plus the Governor's office and The White House. Election Information provides dates of Florida elections, positions legislative candidates have taken on firearms issues, summaries of proposals and any Constitutional amendments on the ballot and, in general, information to help voters be more fully informed on election day.

Join this organization, help monitor legislative activities, and hold politicians accountable to the people they represent.

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