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Tennessee Shooting Sports Association
James David Burney
TNSSA Benefactor Life Member
TNSSA Board Member, Current Events
(Term 2019-2021)

Current Events
My role as a board member of the TNSSA is to continuously monitor state and national matters affecting the shooting sports specifically, and firearms ownership generally, and regularly update the organization regarding such matters. To achieve that objective, I have established a Current Events page (click here) with links for such updates.

NRA Competitive Shooting Programs
Click here for the competitive shooting programs discussed at the National Rifle Association.

Traveling with Firearms?
Firearms Laws
For those traveling in the state of Tennessee or to other states in the Union, be sure to know the gun laws applicable to the jurisdictions to, or through, which you may be traveling. Handgun Law is a useful resource and can be accessed by clicking the map below.

Important Note: This does NOT constitute legal advice. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to know the law of the states and localities to which you will be traveling. For assistance, you should contact a lawyer.

National Rifle Association

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About the Tennessee Shooting Sports Association
The TNSSA is an educational non-profit organization affiliated with the National Rifle Association (NRA) and Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP). The TNSSA governing documents are the bylaws. A Board of Directors, elected by the general membership, governs the organization. The Board of Directors elects the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Officer from members of the Board of Directors. A member of the Board of Directors acts as the Director for each of the NRA shooting disciplines. This member approves club applications to host the State Championship in each discipline.

As the Tennessee affiliate of the NRA and CMP, TNSSA works to further the goals and mission of both organizations through education and active participation in the shooting sports, junior training and gun ownership. The TNSSA serves as the sanctioning body for the Tennessee State Championship in each NRA competitive shooting discipline preserving the legitimacy and honor associated with such tournaments. The TNSSA provides awards for sanctioned State Championships.

The NRA competitive shooting disciplines sanctioned are:

  • Air Rifle
  • BB
  • Black Powder and Muzzleloader
  • Highpower
  • Pistol
  • Silhouette
  • Smallbore

TNSSA provides financial support for junior and adult teams at the National Matches and other major tournaments. TNSSA supports junior shooting programs through a network of affiliated clubs throughout Tennessee.