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I am a proud Benefactor Life and Golden Eagles member of the National Rifle Association, a member of the NRA Range in Fairfax, Virginia, and my CPA business is a member of the NRA Business Alliance (State = Tennessee / Business Type = Tax Services).

I am a formal recruiter for the NRA having helped many people become members and encouraged hundreds of law-abiding individuals to purchase and train in the use of various weapons, take classes and obtain their concealed carry licenses, and of course to join the National Rifle Association.

I am pleased to promote membership in the National Rifle Association, and through the links on this page, valuable discounts are available along with the many benefits that come from membership.

Responsible Gun Ownership
All gun owners have a personal responsibility to learn how to safely handle each firearm in their possession and to properly educate others, including children, in proper gun safety.

Further, it is incumbent upon all gun owners to become proficient in the use of their firearms, know their capabilities, and practice marksmanship on a frequent and regular basis.

The National Rifle Association offers a plethora of programs for successfully achieving these responsibilities and is the only organization that has consistently trained and educated gun owners and hunters nationwide since 1871.

Marksmanship, competition, gun safety programs and many other programs have been a primary function of the NRA from the beginning of its incorporation. A History of the National Rifle Association is provided among my several pages. Additionally, I have included many pages of American legal requirements, precedents, and U.S. Supreme Court cases and most of these are accessible through my Firearms & 2nd Amendment portal.

Peruse, learn, accept responsibility for your own education and firearms ownership, and join the NRA to support the fight for maintaining our God-given and Constitutionally codified rights.

Your Gateway to Responsible Gun Ownership
From here, you can access many of the programs and informational materials offered by the National Rifle Association. Discounted membership applications are available and links to various key operations of the National Rifle Association are included here.

Women & the NRA

The NRA has a program for anyone interested in options to limit the potential for victimization by criminals. Visit the Refuse to Be a Victim site for information on this program and for a listing of seminars in the several States.

Brochures are also available from the NRA. This program does not necessarily promote firearms ownership but rather discusses various means of common sense approaches to limit one's exposure to crime. The choice of a firearm for self-defense is a personal choice and is discussed, but the NRA recognizes that not everyone desires that particular form of defense.

The National School Shield® Program

The NRA has for years offered meaningful solutions to protect our children from violence in the so-called "gun free zones" in which our children must obtain their education.

This program is even offered for free, yet nationally the leftists controlling the school systems have such hatred for the NRA that they care not about securing the children. One must wonder "Why?"

The Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program

The Eddie Eagle GunSafe® program is a gun accident prevention program developed by a task force made up of educators, school administrators, curriculum specialists, urban housing safety officials, clinical psychologists, law enforcement officials and National Rifle Association firearm safety experts. It began in 1988 with one mission: teach children four simple, easy to remember steps so they know what to do if they ever come across a gun. In 2015 the NRA introduced a fresh, new Eddie and added some friends—his Wing Team. Though Eddie has evolved, his mission has not. In the brand new video, Eddie and his friends remind children that if they see a gun, they need to Stop! Don’t touch. Run away. Tell a grown-up.

Follow NRA-ILA
The NRA-ILA is the "lobbying arm" of the National Rifle Association. This organization tirelessly defends the rights of citizens to keep and bear arms for all legitimate purposes. We can thank the relentless efforts of the NRA-ILA for many of the laws that protect law-abiding citizens. Because of the NRA-ILA, many states have passed concealed-carry laws that allow qualified citizens to defend themselves. These efforts have drastically reduced crime among the several States. The pro-active efforts of this organization have certainly helped in protecting our freedoms. Click on the logo to learn more and make a contribution while you are there!

NRA Golden Eagles

As a Golden Eagles member, I am proud to continue to support this organization. Being a Benefactor Life means that I have risen to the highest level of membership and fully paid up all my dues for life. By becoming a Golden Eagles member I will continue to financially support the National Rifle Association with annual dues while also participating in various membership programs, as occasions permit. As noted on the NRA website: The NRA Golden Eagles is a contributory membership.  The annual dues primarily go towards programs such as youth hunter education, youth shooting sports, the NRA School Shield program, and the Eddie Eagle Gun Safety program

NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund

Here you can learn about the activities of the NRA to protect the rights of citizens. You may also make tax deductible donations to this worthy cause. Were it not for the NRA, one of our cherished freedoms, guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States of America, would be only a memory.

Join the NRA! Learn about the struggle to maintain the integrity of this nation's Constitution. Learn about the great heritage that freedom-loving people have built throughout this nation's history. Understand the reason that our founding fathers feared a government that would disarm its people. Tyranny takes all forms, and where power can be abused, tyrannical leaders eventually arise to abuse that power. Freedom is not free. Eternal vigilence is the price of freedom. We must carefully watch what our elected leaders do in office. We must participate in the political process. We must defend the individual from improper, and illegal, usurpation of their rights. This fund, and this organization, vigorously support such defense. 

The NRA Store

I also frequent the NRA Store for various products and accessories, the profit of which assists the NRA, and I actively recruit friends, associates, and acquaintances to also join the NRA. My wallets are NRA medallion, my business portfolio is NRA embossed, my ball caps are embroidered with the NRA life / benefactor logos, my vehicle license plates are NRA sponsored... and I have elected to support the NRA in every possible way I can.



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February 2018: Assault Against Patriots

The National Rifle Association is under attack as of February 2018, being unjustly blamed for the murderous behavior of a school shooter. The LYING American media claims this is a "grassroots" initiative, totally ignoring that the demonization of the NRA is generated by the Center for American Progress and its propaganda arm, Think Progress, which are funded and directed by the evil George Soros and the self-appointed nanny for America, Michael Bloomberg.

It is interesting that this attack began after a published article (just weeks before) exposing the truth and the financial backers of a "socialist wave" observant in America today... published in the most recent publication of the NRA's America's 1st Freedom magazine (as of the end of February 2018). The vicious attack against the NRA follows that publication just one to two weeks before. Curious? Yep...

The NRA is one of the oldest civil rights organizations in the nation, established in 1871. The nearly 5 million members (as of February 2018) of the NRA are school teachers, business professionals, law enforcement and military, doctors, lawyers, janitors, politicians, etc. The 5 million members of the NRA represent all faiths and religions practiced on the face of the planet. The 5 million members of the NRA are law-abiding people who are simply exercising their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS enumerated in the laws of the United States. Those rights include the First Amendment rights to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom to peaceably assemble (and associating with others of like mind). Those rights also include the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms which codified in law the God-given right of self-defense. Those rights also include the Fourth Amendment regarding unwarranted searches and seizures of property. Those rights also include the Fifth Amendment right to remain silent when under investigation by law enforcement. In fact, those rights also include all rights enumerated (or not) under the Constitution of the United States of America.

For years the Nation Rifle Association has offered to every school in America, yes even FREE OF CHARGE, an exemplary school security program entitled National School Shield and the ONLY gun safety program, Eddie Eagle, something ALL OTHER MISNAMED "gun safety" organizations NEVER offer. "Everytown for Gun Safety" has NOT A SINGLE gun safety program. Neither does the "Million Moms" and whatever new confusing name they now choose to obfuscate their true intent. No, they offer nothing except a radical, loud-mouthed, ANTI-AMERICAN LIE perpetuated by the leftists and by George Soros funded organizations.

Nationwide the schools, controlled by radical leftists and socialists, have REFUSED to implement the basic security measures that exist at college sporting venues and National Football League, Major League Baseball, and National Basketball Association events.

Further, by demonizing one of the nation's first and most broadly active civil rights organization, whose activities have been to defend the ENTIRE Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States against attack, the media and these radicals are demonizing you and me. Me, of all people, a serious Christian, business professional, and absolute patriot who loves his God-given liberty!

Dick's Sporting Goods and many other companies are now cowering before a FAKE OUTRAGE advanced by loud-mouthed leftists. These companies have learned nothing from K-Mart's disastrous cowering to the Clinton administration in the 1990s which has nearly completely put K-Mart completely out of business.

Now these companies, including Dick's Sporting Goods, cowardly bow before the protesters organized in Florida by the Center for American Progress and its propaganda arm, Think Progress (both of which are funded and directed by George Soros and Michael Bloomberg and their anti-hunting, anti-gun, and outright anti-American ideology).

Did Dick's Sporting Goods stop selling "scary-looking" knives after the school thrashing of 2014?

No, rather than dealing with

  • the massive failures at the FBI and multiple police departments
  • the cowards of Broward's County Sheriff 's Department
  • the perpetrator's refusal to continue mental health treatment after turning 18
  • the mental health failures across America
  • and most notably the correct target for deranged criminal behavior of one person

No, Dick's, and these many companies demonstrating a total cowardice, instead bows foolishly before loud-mouthed anti-American protesters who demonize the members of the NRA and the 100+ million gun owners of America who have NEVER COMMITTED A CRIME!

These companies' disgusting cowardice is simply because of a cosmetic effect of an excellent hunting, target shooting, and marksmanship firearm used by over 50 million people across the country WHO NEVER COMMITTED A CRIME!

Too bad these cowardly companies, the national media, and the politicians do not care about the truth regarding these EXTREMELY rare school shooting occurrences, as reported clearly in the Washington Times, nor the ideological agenda of those instigating and funding the protesters before whom these companies now cower!

Time will tell whether or not Dick's Sporting Goods, Delta Airlines, Wyndham Properties, Hertz Rental Cars, National and Budget and Avis rental companies, Best Western, SimpliSafe, TrueCar, North American Van Lines, and other cowardly companies are destined to go the way of K-Mart.

Approximately 20 million are 18-21 years old. About half shoot and/or hunt.
Because of ONE CRIMINAL ignored by the FBI and the cowards of Broward County, 20 million people are at risk of infringed RIGHTS, loss of funds (for ordered or laid-away rifles), and restraint of trade to which they are legally entitled.