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Saturday, August 3, 2019 @ 11 am
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Welcome to Wright's Cemetery

Website Last Updated 12/8/2018

Cemetery Board Members

Bill Davis 931-732-4712
Rosemary Hudson 931-659-6643
Jeff Parker 931-732-4760
Bennie Brewer 931-732-4426
Betty Cochrane 931-732-4627
Ray Smith 931-732-4715

In Memoriam: Mattie Lou Smith
Passed away on August 30, 2016
Funeral on September 2, 2016 (here)

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Donations can be sent to:

Wright's Cemetery
C/O Bill Davis
284 Red Oak Rd.
Petersburg, TN 37144

You may also contact Bill regarding grave
sites, maintenance, and other matters.



For website information or additions,
please contact David Burney (click here).

Location and Directions
The family cemetery is located on US Highway 64 in McBurg near Frankewing Tennessee. From I-65 one would exit at mile marker 14 and turn east, driving 6.4 miles and finding the cemetery on the right (south side) of the highway. For a Google map and directions, you can click here.

Annual Reunion and Decoration Day
The first Saturday of August each year is a gathering day for families of those buried in the Wright Cemetery. As we gather, we renew relationships, meet additions to the family, and share a common meal. Everyone who comes brings something to be shared in the pavilion built in the center of the cemetery.

The pavilion has become the gathering place and was constructed on the site where generations past have met under the trees. Families see each other again, children play together, flowers are placed on graves to commemorate those who have passed on, and the individuals responsible for oversight of the cemetery provide maintenance and financial information to all who have come.

Wright's Cemetery is a private cemetery and is managed entirely from donations and endowments. All donations are appreciated and used effectively and entirely for the maintenance of the cemetery. Grave sites are reserved by requests, not "sold", to individuals.