Burney CPA serves
Jefferson, Hamblen, Grainger,
Hancock, Cocke, Greene, Hawkins, Sullivan,
Washington, Claiborne, Knox, Sevier, Union, and
in East Tennessee. Onsite pickup & delivery!

           Phone:  615-400-4340    Fax Line:  615-825-0043
Mailing Address:  PO Box 649, Rutledge TN 37861
           Email: david@davidburney.com   Skype: jdburney

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Engagement Agreements
The typical monthly service will include a formal proposal representing an engagement agreement between the client and Burney CPA and will detail the nature of the agreed services provided to ensure the client meets all governmental reporting and tax returns as well as meeting the client's own payroll and other deadlines.

 Click here for a typical Engagement Agreement Proposal

Services Offered
  Tax Returns: Individuals, Corporations, Charities, Estates, Trusts, & Inheritance
  IRS Problem Resolution, Offers in Compromise, Installment Agreements
  Bookkeeping, Accounting, Payroll Processing and Reports/Tax Forms
  Internal Control Assessment and Business Process Improvement
  Cash Management
  Financial and Tax Planning

General Pricing of Tax Services
  Tax returns start at $65 for 1040-EZs and $150 for typical 1040s and 1041s
  Partnership returns start at $295
  LLC with State returns start at $395
  Corporations (both 1120 and 1120-S) start at $395
  Charities (990s) start at $495
  State Inheritance returns start at $125
  IRS Resolution matters begin with a retainer of $500 and are priced according
        to the level of effort required. (Note: Installment agreements are priced at a
        flat fee of $200)

Other Individual Office and Tax Services
General requests, letters, tax forms, computer setup, bank reports, etc.

  • Computer setup for customer accounting package, starts at $295
         Note: Many businesses ask for assistance in setting up a basic accounting package
                   and help in understanding how to write checks, payroll, etc. This includes
                   helping the customer establish the accounting package, encryption,
                   and instruction in use.
  • Letters to regulatory bodies start at $50
  • Sales tax forms start at $45
  • Quarterly payroll tax forms start at $75
  • Other - Liquor, Business License, or other forms start at $25
  • Secretary of State Annual Reports start at $25

Internal Control (including Sarbanes-Oxley requirements)
Internal control concerns can be addressed with consulting arrangements quoted typically as a flat fee or hourly-plus-expenses.
Fraud investigation or simply reviewing the controls affecting selected business processes can be provided, tailored to the client's
specific needs.

Management Consulting
This includes computer programs, human resource functions, sales quotation, purchasing strategies, inventory control and
production, etc. The various forms of consulting arrangements are individually and formally quoted typically as a flat fee or
may be on an hourly basis plus expenses, depending on the client's specific needs.

IT Solutions, Analytical Tools and Financial Modeling
These are formally quoted on an hourly or daily rate based on the client need. Travel costs, where necessary, are in addition
to the rate quoted.

David Burney's Experience
With three decades of extensive process improvement experience in both small and large manufacturing and service organizations
in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Japan, Burney CPA can help any size organization streamline its business
processes while implementing appropriate internal controls. Burney CPA can help you streamline and improve the efficiency and
controls of your revenue and production processes and systems, human resource documentation and processes, fixed capital
management, technology initiatives, analytical modeling, financial systems, procurement functions and strategies, inventory control
and valuation, maintenance processes and safety programs, policies and procedures programs, general ledger reconciliation, financial
reporting, budgeting/forecasting, and analysis.


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